Let’s be Smart Catholics

Modern Catholics are tired of feeling like bystanders, instead of first-responders! SmartCatholics helps us regroup and make friends. Join a community of all ages looking to be smart, magnetic Catholics.

Free of ads, trolls, & toxicity

We don’t track you, manipulate news, or sell data. Join a friendly community center built for Catholics, by Catholics!

Support Pope Francis

We are grateful for the gift of our Holy Father. We work to follow his spiritual guidance for modern Catholics.

A culture of kindness

The kingdom of God should build up and inspire. Discover new friends to enrich your faith, and make life better!


Our faith is a smart, beautiful religion, with a rich heritage of world-building thinkers and events. We have to learn to share the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Church’s story in the modern world.  


The saints, prophets, and mystics point to the lived experience of Christ, and obedience to his teachings. We celebrate the Magisterium and our recent Popes as guides through the modern world.

A home for faithful Catholics to follow speakers, meet indie Catholic creators, and enrich our faith.

Being Catholic is a call to live the fullest life! But recent events have shown that it’s too easy to focus on what’s wrong. Join us as we hunt for what’s true, good and beautiful in the modern world. Enrich your faith. Make friends. Live a happier life!

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Meet the speakers, sponsors, and partners who want to support you! Get Catholic resources, and leave your review to help them out.

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Show your SmartCatholics pride! Start conversations with friends and family about being Smart + Catholic in the modern world.

“Life grows by being given away…

“those who enjoy life most are those who leave security on the shore and become excited by the mission of communicating life to others.”

‘Evangelii Gaudium’, The Joy of the Gospel

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