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SmartCatholics provides easy, short, and affordable courses for Catholics. We help people learn from the cutting edge of Catholic social teaching, education, and spirituality today. We are faithful to the magisterium of Pope Francis, free of trolls, ads, and toxicity.

Let’s get smarter!

Are you tired of feeling lost in your faith?

1.5 million young Catholics from around the world engaged in World Youth Day. Support for the magisterium of Pope Francis is high among youth.

But most online Catholic content and social celebrity culture feeds into ‘Big Catholicism:’

  • preference for the institution over the person
  • mania for rubrics over relationship
  • difficulty with the synodal path
  • reactionary response to doctrinal development
  • does not read/understand Pope Francis

Few know what the Holy Father actually teaches.

Developments in Catholic thinking have struggled to reach people in accessible ways.

Mainstream Catholicism still fails to take seriously the urgency and practicality of renewal in education, catechism, and theology.

This causes concern, misunderstanding, and dismissal of the Gospel message.

We need to start solving this problem.

It’s ours to solve – not the hierarchy, not the academics, and not all the ‘professional Catholics.’

For the first time in history, grassroots firstresponders like you and me have the tech, time, and tools to do something.

We need to spearhead and support the cutting edge of smart, spiritual, education. 

Because a smarter faith leads to a smarter life.

Our Mission

When Catholics understand how to live our faith in the modern world, we experience greater personal joy, and confidence in being Christ to others.

Meet the learner-in-chief

Dominic de Souza

Founder, Learner-in-Chief

A cradle-Catholic passionate about how Faith, history, and science meet in today’s world. Born in New Zealand, studied in Fiji and France, raised in Australia, and now living in the USA.

My conversion from radical traditionalism in 2012 launched a personal pilgrimage to rediscover my Faith. I wanted to love and understand Catholicism in the modern age. Pope Francis has been a spiritual guide, leading me to Where Peter Is. This years-long friendship spurred SmartCatholics, and a passion to help renew the Church.

The more I learn, the more I realize: smarter faith, smarter life.

Life is worth loving. And living!

If this inspires you, and you want to support this mission with me, consider joining me in the Founder’s Fireside, a private hangout where you and I can chat about anything. 


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“Life grows by being given away…

“those who enjoy life most are those who leave security on the shore and become excited by the mission of communicating life to others.”

‘Evangelii Gaudium’, The Joy of the Gospel

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