Be a smart Catholic.

Catholicism is smart and beautiful. But too few know about our smart, intellectual tradition, and the impact Christ is having on the world. When Catholics understand our Faith in the modern world, we experience greater personal joy, and confidence in sharing the good news. 



Smart Catholics believe in the mystical reality of the Catholic Church and the magisterium.



Smart Catholics honor our Christian legacy and heritage and how it informs us today.



Smart Catholics revel in the latest research to stay relevant and be a source of renewal.

SmartCatholics does 2 things:

Create podcasts and free learning for Catholics everywhere.

Discover new voices and veteran speakers. Join a community of Catholics. Together, we’re using new media to inspire, excite, and educate – with faith and reason!

Help the JPII generation of speakers share the reasons for their hope.

You bring the talent, we handle the tech. Together, we’re making it easier for you to share your message, build your community, and thrive in your mission. 

Things we love to talk about:



Find out how the latest research is changing how we think about the universe, and God.


Follow the studies refining how we understand Sacred Scripture, and our past.



Find out how all the new data and ancient wisdom integrates into a smart theology.

It’s exciting to be Catholic!

We have a heritage of great thinkers, thriving universities, and cathedral building.  The Catholic contribution to the modern world defies belief. And hardly anyone knows it!

When challenged, many Catholics feel forced to:


Become ‘spiritual’, and not religious, because the ‘structure’ seems outdated and makes you look unintelligent.


Turn to past ways of thinking because they feel safe, at the risk of not living in sync with the present Church.


 Try to be open-minded to all religious expression, and lose our own identity and mission along the way.


Keep their head down, just try to be a good person, and hope it turns out okay.

Christ left us with a call to share the good news.

Secular culture and modern education has us convinced we’re klutzes in a Monty Python flick. Or that a true Catholic is Spock or the High Sparrow. It’s time to change things. 


A smart Catholic isn’t afraid of the latest science and research. We’re excited to learn more about God’s evolving creation.


A smart Catholic gets that history is messy and human. We’re always open to the ongoing story of God’s active participation in our lives.


A smart Catholic joins the Church in celebrating the truth. We work to integrate faith and reason, so that they work together.

Smart Catholics are:

Welcoming to every human being, confident about Truth, and able to respond clearly and simply. Most of all, we strive to be amazing human beings.

Because that’s just smart.

Why Smart Catholics?

By Dominic de Souza, Founder

The Catholic Faith has always been a smart, beautiful religion.

For the first time in human history, archives are being posted online. Translation and searching tools mean we can study books in any language. At the speed of wifi.

 It used to take 6 months to send a letter. Now it’s 6 milliseconds.

And this is shaking every educational field.