About SmartCatholics

Why build a social network for Catholics?

Why not accept that Catholicism leaves a ‘bad taste‘ in millions of mouths? Why not just uninstall the apps and switch off and focus on daily life?Why not sigh and agree that everyone is hopelessly out of touch?

We’ve all asked ourselves these questions. And we’re working to do more than talk about the answer. We’re building it. We’re living it.

The SmartCatholics Answer

In 2020, SmartCatholics started as a vision to connect ordinary Catholics all around the world. And we very quickly realized that Pope Francis was a source of unity to some, and concern for others.

It quickly became a default that a ‘smart Catholic’ was smarter than the Pope. Perhaps even more Catholic than him.

So we decided to change that. And to build a destination online for Catholics to regroup, learn, and encourage each other.

Within less than a year, our ministry blossomed. Catholics of all ages joined, excited that they weren’t alone.  Excited that Pope Francis’ vision of mercy, awareness, discernment, and radical love for humanity was more than practical. More than smart. It’s the heart of Christ.

The modern world is moving faster than we can adapt to it. Faster than any time in human history. Calm, level-headed, discerning minds and hearts are needed to keep the story alive.

SmartCatholics founder, Dominic de Souza, is a convert from radical traditionalism. He is passionate about helping ordinary Catholics break the ‘bystander effect’, and take a stand. We don’t have to be geniuses. We just have to show up.

Our Catholic faith is more than a bad memory for some. For many, it is a divine and human story of freedom, failure, and excitement that must be shared with humility, and confidence.

Social networking is a new normal, and bricking your phone isn’t the answer. We can’t allow a well-meaning, misguided minority to be the face of our faith. Your network needs you.

And while many people are out of touch with how fast things have changed, maybe you aren’t. Maybe you don’t have all the answers, but you have a ton of heart. And that counts for something.

Christ is making an impact on the world, in every culture – right now.

With Pope Francis as our guide, we’re renewing our hope, regrouping in the community, and re-committing to learning what we can.

Faithful Catholics

SmartCatholics are faithful to the Magisterium, and the ‘hermeneutic of continuity’ that Pope Francis is guiding us.


Honor our Heritage

SmartCatholics honors our Christian legacy and tradition, and understand that it informs and develops with time, culture, and contact with others. 


Modern World

SmartCatholics don’t hope for the past or the future, but understand we have a mission to the present world. We look to be relevant and a source of renewal.

Our Mission

When Catholics understand our Faith in the modern world, we experience greater personal joy, and confidence in sharing the good news.

Meet the Team

Dominic de Souza


A cradle-Catholic passionate about how Faith, history, and science meet in today’s world. Born in New Zealand, studied in Fiji and France, raised in Australia, and now living in the USA.

My conversion moment in 2012 that launched a personal pilgrimage to rediscover my Faith. I wanted to love and understand Catholicism in the space age.

But I also begin to realise how much of that must be done in a state of hope. Not resignation. Not revolution. But renewal.

Catholics must rediscover the inner life we are baptised into, and let that life out. Life is worth loving. And living!



Chloe Quigley

Chloe Quigley


Chloe grew up in New York state and graduated from Christendom College in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in Theology.

Since graduating, she has worked in both event coordinating, marketing, and social media. She loves helping small businesses convey their message through digital content.

One of Chloe’s greatest passions is Irish dancing. A life-long Irish step dancer, she has traveled around the world competing both nationally and internationally. In her spare time, she enjoys calligraphy, painting, and designing greeting cards.

She and her husband live in the beautiful little town of Cooperstown, NY (baseball, anyone?) and welcomed their first child in June 2021!

SmartCatholics is one of the fastest-growing communities to support Pope Francis, help Catholics regroup, and create resources to renew our hope. We’re smart, magnetic first-responders, and having a good time!