The Adventure of Sharing Christ: Catholic Women Evangelizing a World in Need

Wondering if God matters? These Catholic women are sharing stories and insights out of lives charged with living grace, and excitement!

Christ is Lord of the Universe. And he wants a relationship with us.

On March 6-7, 2020, a variety of Catholic women are coming together online to share stories, insights, and outreach.

Our world is broken and hurting. The power of Jesus Christ is transforming lives every day. In this event, our sister disciples are equipping us to share the good news, and your story. Keep reading…

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“The feminine genius is alive and well in the Church today, and this conference is a fantastic example! The presenters are some of the most impactful, practical, and inspiring women who are doing the real work of evangelization today.”

Kristin Bird
Burning Hearts Disciples

“The Foundation is happy to be a sponsor for the “Adventure of Sharing Christ” event with SmartCatholics. This event highlights the spirituality of women coming together to glorify Christ and His Church. Join us!”

Anne De Santis
St Raymond Nonnatus Foundation for Freedom, Family, and Faith

“While celebrating Women’s History Month in March, I am encouraged to see women participating in our universal call to share the Gospel, especially a GIVEN Alumna, Ashley Cermak, speaking at this event!”

Rachel Ullmann
Given Institute

“Endow is happy to sponsor The Adventure of Sharing Christ! Women’s history month is the perfect time to come together to refine our unique feminine genius.”

Simone Rizkallah

Feeling as if it is so hard to talk to people about your faith today? Don’t miss The Adventure of Sharing Christ digital conference, where you will be given the tools and confidence to share the transformational truth about God!

Drew & Katie Taylor
To the Heights Ministry

“Women bring a unique gift and culture to evangelization. I’m so excited to support this event, and inspire our sisters in Christ to discover their paths to witness.”

Dominic de Souza
SmartCatholics Founder, DreamAgain

Welcome Letter from Susan Windley-Daoust

Dear friends,

We live in a broken, hurting world desperately in need of Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Christian women in this conference are stepping forward to share our stories, insights, and outreach to women and men as to why the power of Jesus Christ is transforming our lives, and will transform yours.

We have been given, and have accepted, a relationship with nothing short of the Lord of the Universe. Our lives are different because we have accepted the grace of that adventure.

Although the speakers are women, this is not a typical “women’s conference.”

It is a conference by sister disciples of Christ for everyone who wants to share the Lord with every person in need. These women know Jesus Christ has redeemed the world and want to share that dynamite with everyone–women and men–who have ever wondered if God really matters.

Womens’ lives have unique challenges and graces that should be drawn upon in the New Evangelization.

  • How do we propose Jesus Christ to women and men who are secular feminists?
  • How do we offer Christ to every woman and man who has posted “#metoo”?
  • How do we offer Christ to every person who has felt unjustly passed over and unheard?
  • How to offer Christ to challenged parents, women and men, who ask “where are you, Lord?” in such a difficult time to raise children?
  • How do we offer Christ to women who struggle to be “a person for her own sake” in a hypersexualized culture?

If you are wondering if the difference Jesus Christ makes is real, or a bunch of hype, or simply if there is more – join us.  

For those who are already in relationship with Jesus Christ in his Church, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we want to equip you to go and tell it on your own mountain: at home, at work, in your town, in the world.

Remember the fullness of the good news. Let it challenge you. Frame it in your own words. Share your story.

And connect with other seekers and evangelists.

We truly hope you’ll join us,

Susan Windley-Daoust

About Susan

Susan Windley-Daoust, Ph.D., is an enthusiastic lay Catholic theologian. After teaching undergraduate and graduate students for 22 years, she saw the light and stepped out of academia and into the wild and glorious world of discipleship and evangelization. Susan is married, mother to five, a spiritual director, and Director of Missionary Discipleship at the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota. She is the author of four books, including 101 Ways to Evangelize: Ideas for Helping Fearless, Fearful, and Flummoxed Catholics Share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Another book, The Four Ways Forward: Emerging Parish Evangelization Models in a Post-Christian America, is set to be published later in 2021 or early 2022 by Our Sunday Visitor Books. Some of Susan’s work is available at

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