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The Authentic Catholic Man

Hosted by Marek Rudak for SmartCatholics, sponsored by Heroic Men

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Host: Marek Rudak

Ex-Army Ranger, Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

As an Army Ranger who fought in two wars, Marek Rudak noticed how men can accomplish the impossible – with friends.

Today, he helps Catholic men grow beyond loneliness and fear, and live a life based on what truly matters.

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2021-2022 Year of Topics

Join us on a journey into Authentic Catholic Manhood

Men at Arms

What is spiritual warfare, what are men facing, & how we can we prepare?


Authentic Faith

How men learn, and lead with words and actions.


Power of Sacraments

How to use the Church’s teaching to accelerate growth


Challenge of PRayer

How men listen to God, enter the deep, and build heart.


Hell & Back

The path out of sin, weakness, and addiction, to find the strength to be a hero.


Men of Excellence

How real men fight to bring more excellence into real living.


Works of Mercy

How authentic men show compassion and become a blessing to others.


Building a Brotherhood

How to find and trust our spiritual work-out buddies.


Leadership Skills

Proven tips to make leaders that others want to follow.


Catholic Fatherhood

The call to raise families and inspired children to succeed.


Strengthening Marriage

How men love our spouses through hell and back.


Protector, Provider

How fathers and men build kingdoms & communities.


Do you hear a call inside you to be a strong, fulfilled, and fearless man?

Are you tired of feeling lonely and out of place? Is fear of rejection holding you back from being who Christ meant you to be? When God calls, do you know how you’ll answer?

You’re not alone. There are thousands of men all over the world just like you. Your call to manhood is your path to being Christ to the world. But… a toxic culture wants to shut you down, and tell you that you’re the problem. You’re not. You’re the answer.

We need to drive out fear.

Are you ready to be a first-responder in a world where good men are silenced, side-lined, and unsupported? Then stand up with us, go on a journey of discovery into the wilderness of your own heart. Join the fellowship of friendly veterans and young bloods on the same mission.

This group of friendly veterans and young men will help you dig deep, challenge your assumptions, and become a better man. We’re hosting regular group chats and panels to talk about manhood in the modern world.

I’m your host, Marek Rudak. Through my time at West Point, Ranger school, Iraq, and Afghanistan, I noticed time and again how men can accomplish the impossible. It happens when they’re accompanied by brothers who look out for each other. The bonds created in such high-performing teams drive out fear.

I’m going to take you through the very lessons I learned as an Airborne Ranger. We’re going to help each other take steps of faith towards what really matters.

“Love drives out fear” 1 John 4:18

You’ll be amazed by how good it feels to get honest conversations, encouragement, and help from other brothers in this super-supportive community.

Join the team!

What is SmartCatholics?

SmartCatholics is one of the fastest-growing communities to support Pope Francis, help Catholics regroup, and create resources to renew our hope. We’re smart, magnetic first-responders, and having a good time! Learn more…

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“Heroic Men is proud to partner with SmartCatholics to present the Authentic Catholic Man Group.

“SmartCatholics is making it easier for men to come together and strengthen each other to share the Gospel. We are only as strong as the community around us and Smart Catholics has created an environment where it is easier to find a faithful community.” – Cris Lopez, HeroicMen

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