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SmartCatholics is an online campus that frees creators to sell courses, classes, and memberships, and teach your students your way. We partner with you (and your students) to grow your audience – for free.

Grow your audience    •   sell classes    •   pro support    •   zero fees     •   create income


We’re building a haven where students support the creators they care about.

It’s like Patreon and Skillshare, for Catholics.

How does it work?

1. Discovery

Schedule a call and explore your plan for an academy or classes you want to sell.

2. Members

We’ll create a private membership for you, complete with branding and technology.

3. Invite

Invite your students to join you and start learning together on your own terms.

Who owns my content?

You do. You own your classes, content, and copyrights. Cancel anytime. We don’t believe in locking you in. We’re here to set you free. Only now, you’re not building alone.

"Do you handle all promotions?"

Not completely. We collaborate and amplify your marketing – at no cost to you. We invest in you, because we believe your vision and content is needed. Tap into the audience we’re already building.

How does SmartCatholics get paid?

We get paid from the monthly memberships, not your classes or course fees. Students pay a monthly fee to access your private academy.

What is SmartCatholics goal?

We’re building a grassroots university, to explore the magisterium of Pope Francis.

Like, we’re building a campus where people can excite each other and learn together. We’re making it super easy for you to get started, look amazing, and make an impact.

You can focus on teaching and creating.

We handle the details.

What do creators do?

Create your classes

Create as many classes, courses, resources, and workshops as you want. Set your own rates, and keep what you make. No subscription or tech fees to use our community software.

Monthly Content

Once a month, host a public workshop or offer content that SmartCatholics can promote – like a post, podcast, or a show.


Reach out to partners, friends, and collaborators to increase your members. Consider sponsorships, or a share-for-share promotion. We don’t replace your growth – we amplify it.

What does SmartCatholics do for me?


We help you brand and launch your academy, with professional graphic design and social templates. We help you write your scripts and promotional copy. 


Once you pass a membership goal, we split 50% of the subscription income with you. We absorb the processing fees, plus the work of setup, maintenance, moderation, and promotional support. 


We promote your courses, workshops, and membership to our email list and our social media following. Since we are a collaborative campus, the success of each academy is shared with others.


Suggested Academy Income 

Mix and match these options to build subscriptions.

Classes & Workshops

Host or beta-test your classes as cohort workshops, bringing groups of students together for a fixed period to boost retention and learning. 

Suggested fee: $250, 6 weeks
Imagine: 10 students: $2500

Non-members pay: $350

Zero commissions. Keep everything you make.

Sell Courses

Repurpose your books or classes into self-paced, evergreen experiences. Add audio or video. Offer paid, private consultation or coaching for students.

Suggested fee: $100
Imagine: 10 students: $1000

Non-members pay: $225

Zero commissions. Keep everything you make.

Sell Subscription

Sell access to a private group where you host weekly meetups, classes, and resources. Students can inspire and share with each other. 

Suggested fee: $25
Imagine: 100 students: $1250 p/m


After 25 students, we pay you 50% of subscriptions.


How much do I need to create each month? 

We recommend one monthly event or piece of content. 

Monthly Content

Create 1 piece of original content once a month, or host a group meetup to discuss a topic. 

We recommend creating a simple  weekly podcast for regular marketing.

Quarterly Seminar

Offer a 2-hour, weekend or evening seminar on a topic of your choice, and charge for it.

You can offer this seminar to parishes, groups, or schools as a virtual event.

Host a Class

Host a 6-week paid class on a topic of your choice for a cohort of students. Meet each week to discuss the content.

Afterwards, repurpose it as a summit and convert it into a paid course.

“should I offer discounts for students?”

Sell Subscriptions and Create Your Stability

Creating an academy with SmartCatholics brings you access to a steady, growing audience of learners.  It also improves how your students learn. You don’t have to discount your rates for your students.

Charge more for non-members. 


Affiliate marketing

To advertise and grow your membership, we can set up and manage an affiliate program for your academy, where students can promote you to their friends and networks. They get paid them out of our income, not yours.

Why members love SmartCatholics


"It’s not just faithfulness to Pope Francis that makes SmartCatholics special.

“It’s a willingness to see beyond the very rigid/conservative Catholic opinion of EWTN, the Bioethics Center, First Things, Catholic Answers. They have defined RealCatholicism(tm) for way too long. And Francis is calling us to see beyond that. The conversation we had today would never happen at any of those other sources, Yet it’s fully orthodox, valid, and a positive contribution to the ongoing issue. That’s what SC brings to the table.”

Paul Fahey, Host of Pope Francis Generation


I love our Smart Catholics Family! Thanks for creating an environment of kindness, respect, learning and support!” – Ruth A.


‘God bless the team for establishing this refuge from the storm and also for keeping it peaceful. Since I joined a year or so ago, there have been a couple of new members who have tried to disrupt our discussions and turn them into arguments. Both Dominic and Mike Lewis have very kindly and firmly ushered them out, to the great relief of the rest of us.” – Sr Gabriela


I love our Smart Catholics Family! Thanks for creating an environment of kindness, respect, learning and support!” – Ruth A.


The reason why I joined was just so I can scroll a newsfeed and it being beautiful and Catholic rather than Facebook which can be negative or secular. I want to be looking and scrolling something when I’m free that will uplift me. I have now talked with a couple people and it’s super cool being able to network with others.” –  Cassie S.


Smart Catholics are faithful Catholics. It’s important to me to be faithful to the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church founded by Jesus Christ… He taught us how to be smart Catholics in the first place! If it was important to Him, it should be important to us.” Tiffany B.


“Being a part of SmartCatholics is my very FAVORITE social media hangout, and I… thank all those who are helping in so many ways! I love that SmartCatholics is global so that I can make friends with other Catholics around the world.” – Beth S.


I am impressed by the quality and range of discussion and the app is quite versatile and user-friendly. Keep going; this is a contemporary way to engage Catholics to come forward! Awesome work!” – Adam P.


” In my quest to grow in my faith and practice I have found one particular phrase tumbles off my lips over and over again.  “Wait!  How did I not know that???!!”  But that is part of the beauty and joy of being a smart Catholic.  No matter our age, stage of life, or closeness to sainthood we will always have questions… Being a smart Catholic means engaging our Catholic communities, the Church’s teachings, the help of the saints and our Holy Mother, and the gifts of the Holy Trinity to become even smarter Catholics.” – Nicole S.


“Awesomeness abounds at SC thank you all for your inspiring ways.  It is such joy to be among such vibrant believers seeking to encourage each other and bring joy to encounter.” – Gordana M

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Join us for free to enter conversations, and share what you’re learning.


“I loved your comment that it’s the Facebook for Catholics, but no ads! :)” – Yvette L.


“SmartCatholic family only consists of friends.”  -John W.


“I’ve been doing a ton of poking around on SmartCatholics today and this is what I see. We are all united in Christ with many different abilities that make this platform beautiful. We have the recruiters, prayer warriors, counselors, technicians, comforters, teachers, and students. Many different branches coming and going back to the main source just like the Celtic symbol… Dominic, you have created something beautiful.” – Melinda K


“Shout out to everyone. I just love to be at SmartCatholics. Thank you all. So inspired of you.” – Hermelyn C.


“I wanted to see what SmartCatholics was about, as I love being Catholic and all about Catholicism. I was actually surprised at the warmth and spirituality of the messages and people on it. It’s keeping me closer to God. I used to always go on Facebook, but now it’s very shallow compared to SC. So I think it’s providence me being on SC! It’s what I’ve been searching for, and has brought me home!” – Paola E.


“Praise God! A superb effort and results Dominic and team! Well done! God bless you all abundantly and this ministry!” – Pravina S.

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