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We’re a team of Catholic marketers, passionate about supporting fellow pro-Pope Francis creators.  We’re building the future of new voices in Catholic leadership.


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Hi, I’m Dominic, SmartCatholics Founder. My day job is branding and graphic design. SmartCatholics is how I help you grow your ministry. I’ve been building this since 2020. Together, we’re networking, marketing, and sharing insights.

And you’re invited.


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A growing community faithful to the Magisterium, Vatican II,  and Pope Francis.

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frequently asked questions

All of our projects are part of the Catholic Leaders Network.  Get answers to the most frequently asked questions so you can make the best decision for you.


Quick answers to common questions

Who it's for

Is the Network right for you?

Fees & Refunds

How fees and membership works.

Extra Details

All the little extra questions.

Network Overview

Quick answers to common questions

What is SmartCatholics?

SmartCatholics is one of the fastest-growing communities to support Pope Francis, help Catholics regroup, and create resources to renew our hope. We’re smart, magnetic first-responders, and having a good time!

Where does the Network live?

This private group is built inside the SmartCatholics community. The platform we’re using is Mighty Networks.

What will I learn or get from joining the Network?

You’ll be able to meet, network, and learn from other speakers and your peers. You’ll get marketing prompts from Dominic, a seasoned marketing professional. And you’ll be able to collaborate with other Catholic impact makers.

What is expected of me?

Show up once a month for the meetings to share what’s new with your ministry, and explore ways you can help others or create opportunity for yourself.

How is the Catholic Leader Network different to any other Catholic Speakers group?

There are many Facebook groups for this, and some on Linkedin too.

The difference is that membership in this group brings you access to the SmartCatholics community. You can also do more with your courses and groups, such as charging memberships.

Just as importantly, we’re all united around the Magisterium and Holy Father.

What's not available if I don't join?

There’s no pressure to join the Accelerator. You can still create and launch free courses, get a free group, and interact with the community. You’re welcome to reach out to speakers and network with them.

With our group, they’re all in one place.

Where else can I learn about SmartCatholics?

Visit our About page for more details on the vision and mission.

Who it's for

Find out if the Network is right for you.

Who's right for joining the Network?

Any Catholic speaker or catechist on fire with the Faith is welcome. Everyone who can demonstrate an expertise in their field, and adherence to the Catechism and Magisterium, guided by Pope Francis.

Degrees are welcome, but you can be a seminarian, or studying toward your degree. You have to be comfortable with chatting online, and building a community through content and connection.

All speakers and creators must be open to Pope Francis and his vision. Even though we may not all agree, we act and speak in respect. 

Who's not right for this Network?

If you don’t like or agree with our vision at SmartCatholics, have little to no experience teaching yourself to use online tools, or are trying to promote a message at odds with the Magisterium as guided by Pope Francis, then this is not for you.

Is SmartCatholics just for smart Catholics?

Everyone is welcome, from any background. We have non-Catholics within our community as well. This is a home for Catholics of all walks of life who celebrate kindness and learning as the baseline for how we are.

Will joining the Accelerator work for me even if I'm not around?

Not really. You need to be active and present in your ministry if you want it to grow.

My situation in the Faith is unique - will this work for me?

It probably will! As long as we are all actively united around the same goals, we are open to tolerate many viewpoints and backgrounds. We believe in unity in essentials, openness in details, and kindness in everything. Reach out today and ask.

Will the Accelerator work anywhere in the world?

Yes! As we continue to expand with speakers around the world, we can add new meeting times each month so that you can collaborate with local impact makers.

If English isn't my native language, can I join?

We have Catholic members from all over the world. Since this platform was launched in English, we collaborate mostly in English. We hope to continue growing to allow for multiple languages. Reach out with your question!

How tech-savvy do I need to be to join?

If you can use Facebook and Zoom, you’ll take to our community easily.

Can I share the group with my network?

Yes! You can share the news of this network with your Catholic peers and friends. All members accept the terms and conditions and code of conduct.

Fees & Guarantees

How fees and membership works.

How much does the Network cost?

The private group is free. If you want to charge for access to a course, or group, then you ask us about our monthly plans.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Our guarantee depends on your involvement. I guarantee a space to collaborate and to create your impact through collaboration. Starting a membership and expecting everyone else to work for you won’t work.

What types of payment do you accept?

Payment for any membership is all online, through Stripe, or Paypal. We don’t accept offline transactions.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, any time. You can manage your membership through an online portal any time. Or send us an email with your reason why, and we can remove you.

Can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds. Try the month to month membership for a while if you’re unsure.

Extra Details

All the little extra questions to help you make your decision.

How is the Network different from free Facebook groups?

SmartCatholics is especially focused on a space for Catholics, a space that is free of toxicity, trolls, and ads. Our culture focuses on kindness and learning, and union with the Holy Father.

There are plenty of Catholics Facebook groups, many are much, much larger. But conversation in those proves to be hard to manage, since they don’t have a culture.

And, Facebook is designed to harvest your attention for ads, and keep you scatterbrained. Our community creates a space that is much more focused.

The network is directly connected to our other services and opportunities, like free courses and interviews.

How do you support Catholic speakers?

Everything we do at SmartCatholics is building the kingdom – for the Faithful People of God, and for their servants, the speakers and creators like you.

Our community brings us all together. The Academy provides training and education. Our videos are hosted on YouTube so that everyone can access them.

Our Catholic Impact Accelerator is a private peer group for networking and support.

Will I speak with or get feedback directly from Dominic?

Yes, you can email Dominic any time, or schedule a call. We also host multiple live sessions each month in different groups as a way to bring the community together. You can join and brainstorm, or ask questions and network.

What if I have another question not listed here?

Email Dominic any time, or send him a direct message (DM) through the community.

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