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The next level with SmartCatholics. Charge any price for any number of groups, courses, or events. Keep complete control of billing – no commissions. One flat fee.

what is impact plus?

Ready to charge an admission fee for your group, and replace Patreon? Want to sell courses through SmartCatholics?

Your time and insights are valuable. Putting a price on your content does more than bring you income. Help your students get serious about learning!


it’s your content

Charge whatever price you want! 

Need an invite-only space for high-ticket members? Want to offer an exclusive course for your fans? Want a public, subscription-only group?

Ask us today about how it works.

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your investment

$99 p/month

consulting for branding, design, & marketing

Need marketing consulting or help with your brand? Struggling to know what tools to use, or where to focus?

Dominic de Souza, SmartCatholic’s founder, is a professional marketer, designer and branding specialist.

 Schedule your call today.

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SmartCatholics is a project by Dominic de Souza, founder of DreamAgain.

Need time to grow?

Ask us today about an affiliate program. This means you pay SmartCatholics a commission on your earnings – until you decide to stop. 

Either way, you have complete control over your one-off or recurring payments. Schedule a call today to discuss it with Dominic, SmartCatholics founder.