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the smart ministry

the 3 week program for busy, non-techy Catholic speakers and creators. Practical, simple steps to help you connect faster with people, grow your impact, and create recurring income!

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live your passion for helping people

grow your impact without adspend
generate recurring income with simple strategies

“I was surprised at the depth Dominic provides, just in his free videos.

“He gets to the heart of the matter, with so much experience compared to other ‘gurus’ I’ve seen advertised. He focuses on the fundamentals with fresh insights. He’s a gifted teacher. He focuses on what you most need to know, which is very refreshing. I also appreciate that he does not overfocus on making money like other ‘gurus’ which, for me, is a complete turn-off.”

– Lynn Kapusinski, Faith Journeys Foundation

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Founder of the Catholic Homeschool Network, Paola Ciskanik worked closely with Dominic de Souza to launch her conference business and community to a 6-figure success. In about 45 minutes, we will talk about how we followed the 6-step process outlined in the Smart Ministry workshop.

I’m a raving fan of Dominic!

-Paola Ciskanik, Catholic Homeschool Network 

marketing should be exciting!

Join a cohort of fellow Catholic ministries, and work through these 6 key areas together:

Module 1

vision & focus

Clarify your brand message. Spell out the dream for your ministry. 

Module 2

your community

Who resonates fastest with you, and why you should define them. 

Module 3

activity audit

What are you doing? How does it serve your mission, and help people?

Module 4

building connection

How are you staying in touch with people? Can you identify superfans?

Module 5

rose window

Your website is the hub to your rose window. Is it cluttered, or clear?

Module 6

your movement

Create a space for your fans to reinforce the lifestyle together.

how does it work?

For 3 weeks, we all meet for 1 hour online, Monday’s & Thursdays. 

Get 20 minutes of theory. Then we all spend 20 minutes in silence, to draft notes. End with 20 minutes to roundtable responses, feedback, and questions.

Together, we work on our ministries live. No more procrastination.

Excited course student

making Catholic marketing easy

Hi, I’m Dominic de Souza, SmartCatholic’s founder. I’ve been a marketer, designer and branding specialist for 15+ years. My passion is to help Catholic ministries grow your impact, without spending thousands of dollars on advertising. 

The Smart Ministry Workshop helps you refocus on your ‘zone of genius,’ so that you’re not wasting time. 

Excited course student

“Second to none in his ability to actively listen to a client’s story, ask insightful questions, and then communicate the heart of a company’s brand beautifully.”

Katherine Scott


“Often we don’t know exactly what we are looking for, but Dominic seems to ask the right questions and give us options and a real image of the story we need to tell.”

Charbel Raish


“He worked carefully to really know and appreciate the heart of our business, using his insight to develop what we ourselves couldn’t always put into words.”

Christine Collins

“He has the uncanny ability to quickly translate your vision into reality in a myriad of modes such as branding, website design… and so much more.”

Paola Ciskanik


“Dominic gave me clear, specific and objective insights I was unable to see for myself. He’s also a veritable idea-machine.”

Candice Parsons

“Great listening skills, and the ability to connect on a personal level, which makes the entire process not only smooth, but it brings you peace of mind.”

Raf Baron

your investment 

3 weeks. 7:30pm-8:30pm EST. Mondays & Thursday, Nov 15 – Dec 2


Payment plan option available!

1st workshop bonus

When you join this workshop, you are building your ministry with like-minded, Catholic creators. 

Getting to know each other from the inside out creates unexpected collaborative opportunities. 

Invite members to your podcast, explore ways to support each other, and grow your impact.

Excited course student

2nd workshop bonus

Often the limits on the workshop leave you needing more. During the workshop, you can schedule one-on-one time with Dominic to answer your questions more deeply. 

Consulting is usually $350 per hour. Workshop members get $100 off during the workshop.

Excited course student

3rd workshop bonus

Learn about the Catholic Impact Accelerator, and how you can create free courses, your free SmartCatholics group (and why you’d want to), plus free events! Launch to an audience of 10,000+ Catholics. 

Excited course student

prefer a one-to-one meeting?

Not everyone wants a workshop experience. For 60-90 minutes, we’ll go over all the same elements from the workshops. Clarify your brand, focus your journey, and launch your community. Or create recurring income.

One to One consulting
smart ministry workshop

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