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workshop schedule

Mon, Nov 15

vision & focus

Clarify your brand message. Spell out the dream for your ministry. 

Thurs, Nov 18

your community

Who resonates fastest with you, and why you should define them. 

Mon, Nov 22

activity audit

What are you doing? How does it serve your mission, and help people?

Thurs, Nov 25

building connection

How are you staying in touch with people? Can you identify superfans?

Mon, Nov 29

rose window

Your website is the hub to your rose window. Is it cluttered, or clear?

Thurs, DEC 2

your movement

Create a space for your fans to reinforce the lifestyle together.

how does it work?

For 3 weeks, we all meet for 1 hour online, Monday’s & Thursdays. 

Get 20 minutes of theory. Then we all spend 20 minutes in silence, to draft notes. End with 20 minutes to roundtable responses, feedback, and questions.

Together, we work on our ministries live. No more procrastination.

Excited course student

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