start your group to share your ideas and connect your fans.

SmartCatholics Community

A group is the best way to connect your fans and followers together, host events, share insights, and inspire each other.

grow your reach

Make your group public and reach our whole audience of Catholics.

private membership

Launch an online home for just your members, a private place to chat and connect.

distraction free

No ads or algorithms, trolls or toxicity. We never sell data.

create connection

Create a space for your fans and followers to do more than follow you – to meet each other. Your ministry is as successful as its members are.


nurture your fans

Find out who your dream fans are. Empower them to be your ambassadors, and inspire new fans to stick around and share their insights.


easy and fun

Give your group the best chance to thrive – build in SmartCatholics means you don’t have to fight for attention. There’s always plenty going on.


Apply today to launch your group

replace Patreon

Get a secret group where you can charge any admission you like. Create a recurring revenue stream, and keep 100% of it. 

Ask us today how it works.


everything you get in a SmartCatholics group

Branding & Details

Beautiful, intuitive layout perfect for photos, rich text, video links, and PDF downloads.


Easy to setup and edit

Update your group description and branding anytime.

Promote anything

It’s your group! Add anything to your featured area so that you make income and grow your list.

Manage your Members

Message everyone in your group. See the top members. Welcome newcomers. 

Connect with fans

Nurture your community and create lasting relationships with a social-first experience. Meet your students!

Professional support

Our growing team of Catholic marketers are a DM or email away, and can chat with you every step of the way.


Notifications & Messages

Get notified when members leave comments, or upvote your responses. Manage moderation easily. See each member profile.


Live Chat

Add a live chat area to the group for members to engage with each other, and answer questions live.

Vibrant support

Get answers, offer support, and share with our private community of fellow entrepreneurs, experts and speakers!

Bonus Tips

6 kinds of groups

build together

Give your fans a chance to be seen, heard, and accompanied along their journey. Connect with your followers as people, inspire them, and meet them where they are.

exclusive access

Create and share materials, content, workshops, and posts that only your fans can see.

extra content

Creating plenty of public content?  Here you share the bonuses. It’s not ‘more’ or ‘better.’ You’re sharing more of your behind-the-scenes pieces.

teach & learn

Share what you’ve learned as training, tutorials, educational content, or resources.  

premium content

The goal of your freemium model. All the valuable free material you share is a taste of the deeper stuff you provide here.

mix & match

Combine these different options to create your perfect group. 

3 tips for a successful group

create a 12 month plan

Post your roadmap or a strategy, so that each month, your fans will know what to look forward to. A public plan proves you know where you’re doing.

weekly post

Decide 1 thing you’ll do or add each week. It can be original, a repost, or your b log content. Mix it up; 1 video, 1 article, 1 live chat, 1 photo/quote graphic.

start small

Build close relationships with your early fans, and spend plenty of time with them. They will help you pass the torch to new members.

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