“I really enjoyed Nicole’s and Brendan Flynn’s talk too, very powerful.  My husband and I watched a couple of others, but those two were the most impressive of what we saw.” – Linda

 “It was great to hear about other people’s dating scenarios. Dating, especially during a pandemic, is frustrating and exhausting. Hearing other people’s stories gave me hope and the motivation to continue the dating process rather than call it quits.” – Amanda

In the past I thought dating was something we learn by trial and error. It really doesn’t have to be… More content on friendship would have been good, and how they support good relationships. – Attendee

Catholic Dating: A livestream for singles, engaged, & Married couples

Stories and insights for Catholic singles, engaged, and married couples. Discover the real, thrilling meaning to romance, and how we create happily-ever-after in the real world.

Love doesn’t stop when lockdowns start!

Hosted by Anne DeSantis and the St Raymond Nonnatus Foundation, join us this Valentine’s weekend, Feb 13, 2021.

Catholic singles, speakers, and couples are sharing their favorite insights and inspiration. Discover how we create happily-ever-after in the real world.

Yes, it exists. Keep reading…

Meet the Speakers

The Secret to a Resilient Marriage

Emily Whiting

What to Do When You're Overdue for a Soulmate

Marek Rudak

Dating in Lockdown

Anna Basquez

3 Keys To Catholic Dating To Discern Marriage With Confidence & Clarity!

Raphy & Sara Feolino

Catholic Dating and Online Dating... Even in Lockdown

Michael Ruszala

God Wants to Help You Get Married

Julieanne Bartlett

5 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for A Beautiful Marriage

Anthony & Tina Rodriguez

Healing as an Adult Child of Divorce: 3 Suggestions and Insights for Achieving a Healthy Relationship

Lynn Kapusinski

Catholic Dating 360

Ray Haywood

Leading Your Spouse to God

Dr Mary Amore

Smart Dating: Advice from a Counselor on Finding Your Mate

Matthew Sciba

Man On a Mission

JPaul Hernandez

Catholic Fiction: Countering Hollywood's Influence

Leslea Wahl

Joy & Peace for Catholics Singles

Sha Nacino

Loving Your Spouse the Way They Want to Be Loved

Charbel Raish

Family, The Cell of Society

Louis Damani Jones

Learning to Love and Trust Through Hopeless Struggles

Penni Warner

Marriage: A Lifetime of Change

Carlos Solrzano & Angelica Delallana

Perfectly Imperfect

Nicole Flynn

Welcome Letter from Anne DeSantis

Love is so much more than erratic, Hollywood passion. Married couples tell us it’s more than a feeling. It’s a choice.

But some of us haven’t been lucky in love. We’ve loved and lost. Some are afraid they’ll never find the love of their life.

We’re here to tell you that if you’re single, your beloved is out there! If you’re engaged, or married, then you’re probably looking for ways to keep the love light alive – especially in this pandemic.

This the good news of the Gospel – God hungers for each of us to live a deeply fulfilled and happy life.

We all yearn for the saga hidden in the Song of Songs, where a couple find a deep, burning love for each other, a love that overcomes every trial. Is true love possible? And, if it is, what do we have to do to find our own? How do we keep it kindled after ten years of marriage?

You’re not alone. Join us to discover the real, thrilling meaning to romance, and how we create happily-ever-after in the real world.

Meet your Host

The St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation presents “Catholic Dating”.

Whether you’re single, engaged, newly married or married for years, this conference offers real-life testimony, advice from Scripture, and resources from our Catholic faith on living your best life and vocation.

The St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation supports Catholic couples and family life. Join us for “Catholic Dating!” this Valentines Day, 2021


Meet the Sponsors

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“Each of us, by our love and care, leaves a mark on the life of others… seeking to bring out the best in them.”

Pope Francis, The Joy of Love

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