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Catholic Dating: A Conference for singles, engaged, & Married couples

Stories and insights for Catholic singles, engaged, and married couples. Discover the real, thrilling meaning to romance, and how we create happily-ever-after in the real world.

We almost called this event ‘dating in lockdown.’

But love doesn’t stop when lockdowns start! Hosted by Anne DeSantis and the St Raymond Nonnatus Foundation, join us this Valentine’s weekend, Feb 13-14, 2021. Catholic singles, speakers, and couples are sharing their favorite insights and inspiration.

No matter your stage in life, God calls you to find a deep and thrilling romance. Discover how we create happily-ever-after in the real world.

Yes, it exists. Keep reading…

Live talks and group chats

Join a private group to share and discuss ideas.

Recorded videos & replays

How can I watch the videos?

The videos will be sent to the email you registered with. You’ll be able to watch all of them for free until after the event.

I can’t attend the event. Will there be replays?

Yes, all the replays will be stored in a beautiful, on-demand library that you can watch any time.

Is there a community?

Yes, this event is happening within the SmartCatholics community. Get formation, feedback, answers, and new friends!

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“Love does not have to be perfect for us to value it.

” The other person loves me as best they can, with all their limits, but the fact that love is imperfect does not mean that it is untrue or unreal.”

Pope Francis, The Joy of Love

Welcome Letter from Anne DeSantis

Dear friends,

At this point, we know that love is so much more than the erratic passion that Hollywood shows us. The ‘pros’ keep saying it’s a choice, not a feeling.

But many of us haven’t been lucky in love. We’ve tried and failed. Dumped and burned. Loved and lost.

Some are afraid to love again. And many are afraid they’ll never find the love of their life.

We’re here to tell you that your beloved is out there!

And not because we’re trying to sell you something. But because that’s the good news of the Gospel – God hungers for you to live a deeply fulfilled and happy life. You matter more than the universe to him.

But as you’re beginning to see, true love never exists without true sacrifice. And it’s always preceded by an Advent, or even a personal Lent.

We all yearn for that adventure hidden in the Song of Songs, where a couple find a deep, burning love for each other, a love that overcomes every trial. Where we realize that intimacy is more than sex. Where we hunger for the excitement and silence found each other’s presence.

We all wish for that perfect happiness!

But so many suffer around us. Married, re-married, divorced, anulled… the landscape is littered with sad stories and hurt people.

What are we to make of it? Is true love possible? And if it is, what do we have to do to find our own?

We’ll never discover the answers alone. With friends, we can ask for insights, share stories, build support networks!

And that’s what we’re doing with this delightful event, Catholic Dating.

For some of us, we’re ready to reset the process. Learn what works. Stop worrying about ‘how far is too far’, and how we should begin.

  • What does dating look like for modern Catholics?
  • Is it okay to use apps?
  • Can we date across different ages, or faiths?
  • Does being Catholic actually make married life more exciting?
  • How do we rekindle dating after years of married life?
  • How do I set up for success, and not divorce?
  • What are the ‘graces’ of marriage, and how do they work?
  • How do I know they’re the right one?

Come and join us with your questions and your stories!

We’re starting a special, private community in SmartCatholics to keep sharing ideas, and guidance. 

You’re not alone. Your hunger for real love is a good thing! The fact that you doubt and have questions means God is at work in you.   

The person that God plans for you to meet is right now out there, building a life. Trusting that you’re also building yours.

Love is the gravity of Heaven, pulling things together like sacred anchors for new life and happiness.

God loves you,

Anne DeSantis

Meet your Host

The St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation presents “Catholic Dating”.

Whether you’re single, engaged, newly married or married for years, this conference offers real-life testimony, advice from Scripture, and resources from our Catholic faith on living your best life and vocation.

The St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation supports Catholic couples and family life. Join us for “Catholic Dating!” this Valentines Day, 2021

Meet the Sponsors

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