The content from this event is no longer publicly available – largely because of no time to process them! We have a playlist of follow up conversations shared for free on the SmartCatholics Youtube channel.

Mental health is a bit of an elephant in the room. It is hard to find anything like this were you have so many experts sharing some advice.

Because it was Catholic, I felt comfortable participating as it was sharing our Faith perspective. We needed this encouragement and reminders especially during these times. Thank you.

My key takeaway is that no man is an island. Support is of great importance. Be especially connected with God.

Big huge thank you to the speakers that did their live shows today it really helped me and I just want to thank Daniel Johnson, Matthew Sciba, Adam Paterno, Christina Semmens for entertaining us and for your time to just get know you all!!  
What an amazing set of conversations! I was particularly moved by the confidence each of our speakers had in the work God has done in their lives and with their clients to integrate Catholic Spirituality with the Contemporary sciences of human change.


God bless you Catholic mental health professionals. You do amazing work to help so many who often suffer in silence. 

The Catholic Mental Health Conference

Bringing expert Catholic therapists together to share simple tips in modern psychology – tips to help faithful Catholics live happier, more exciting lives – now!

Mental health issues don’t go away when you ignore them.

On November 21-22, 2020, the Catholic Mental Health Conference began with a range of Catholic therapists and guest speakers.

Together, we discussed and shared tools from modern psychology, and how to find mental health services as a Catholic.

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Meet clinicians informed by the Catholic faith
Join a community of Catholics dedicated to understanding the psychological sciences
Discover the relationship between therapy, spiritual direction, and confession
Learn practical techniques to improve your life
Learn how to understand depression and anxiety with the mind of the Church
Live Q&A’s with Catholic Clinicians who specialize in depression, anxiety, OCD, marriage counseling, child development
Hear testimonies from Catholics who have overcome mental health conditions
Find out how to access mental health resources in your area
Meet and make friends with fellow Catholics on the same journey, with questions like yours
November 21-22, 2020
Catholic experts & guests
Live & recorded video

Our compassionate gaze

“The Church will have to initiate everyone – priests, religious and laity – into this “art of accompaniment”  which teaches us to remove our sandals before the sacred ground of the other (cf. Ex 3:5).

“The pace of this accompaniment must be steady and reassuring, reflecting our closeness and our compassionate gaze which also heals, liberates and encourages growth in the Christian life.”

Pope Francis,  Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, no.169, November 23, 2013.

Welcome Letter from Daniel Johnson

Modern psychology can help Faithful Catholics live happier, more exciting lives – immediately!

Most of us don’t know what to make of modern psychology. We feel leery about the whole thing. And yet, mental health is a massive concern.

Perhaps your family, or someone you know, struggles with a serious mental health issue. Some of us tell them to ‘offer it up’. This creates frustration and anger. A lot of Catholics feel helpless and abandoned. They have no resources to make sense of their concerns.

Psychology has come a very long way from its beginnings.

And its true beginnings start deep in the desert Fathers, saints like St. Thomas Aquinas, and religious communities of the Catholic Church.

Today, Catholic Psychology is grounded in this rich heritage of the Catholic Church’s intellectual tradition. There’s still a problem. The average Catholic doesn’t have the time to become a professional in Aquinas just to stay sane and healthy.

What’s the answer? Is it going to confession more often? Or is it pushing your questions and feelings and doubts and fears into a dark corner, and telling yourself that you’re the problem? That you’re weak?

Absolutely not.

Mental health issues don’t go away when you ignore them. Confession is not the answer to every doubt and fear. Confession is a sacrament of union and forgiveness. You need to be in a healthy mental state to truly appreciate the gift of life, and friendship with Christ and others!

  • What if more people got answers to their deep, burning questions?
  • What if we discovered the interior peace that comes from finding peace in our minds? The kind of peace that our spiritual lives must start in.
  • What if we all knew simple, practical, and Catholic-friendly tools to help you get through your day, change your attitude, and grow in joy?
  • What if we took a moment to accept Christ’s love for us, and show love to ourselves, so that we can share love with others?

We believe it’s all possible. It’s all easy to access. And it’s something everything Catholic should know – your catechism, how to ride a bike, and how to nurture a healthy mental state. (Bikes are optional.)

Who are we? A community of Catholic therapists hosting the Catholic Mental Health Conference.

You’re invited! Join us, along with a community of excited, faithful Catholics looking for sanity and joy in our scrambled, modern world.

We can find it together.

Topics we will cover:

  • Overcoming sexual abuse
  • Using the imagination to overcome shame based trauma
  • The relationship between the soul and the body
  • The power of journaling
  • How controlling your thoughts can influence your feelings and behavior


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"one of the most important messages needed"

Two things that many young people and leaders don’t speak about in the same sentence. However, I believe one of the most important messages needed to be shared with today’s Catholics.

Theo Vecera |

"an incredible lineup"

This is an incredible lineup of Catholic mental health professionals. Any Catholic looking to improve their mental health and to flourish in their humanity should check out this conference!

Stuart Cook | Vitus Counseling

"provide healing in mental health"

Our Catholic faith can serve as a protective factor and provide healing in mental health. For this reason, it is so important to talk about the two together.

Marines Novoa | The Catholic Psychologist

"Encouraging all listeners to attend to good self-care"

“I am so happy to sponsor Dr. Kate Walsh Soucheray in her efforts to encourage all listeners to attend to good self-care, particularly in this stressful time.  Please feel free to reach out to her, or any of our other excellent counselors who work for Christian Heart Counseling, who are all dedicated to serving you in Christ’s Holy Name.”

William Rush | Christian Heart Counseling

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