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by | Aug 17, 2020 | Sneak Peek

Hi friends! So we’re really close to launching a new event in the next couple of months on mental health. We’ve been planning it for the last two months, and we’re nearly ready to kick it off for late November.

There’s been a lot of concern from all the quarantine and isolation, and lots of questions. Almost all them are being shared online. That’s why SmartCatholics’ resident Catholic Therapist, Daniel Johnson, is helping us host an online event all about healthy mental habits.

Here’s your chance to tell us what you think! We want to build this event with  you, and for you.

This conference brings expert Catholic therapists together to share simple tips – tips to help faithful Catholics live happier, more exciting lives – now!

Keep reading below for more details. But here’s where I need your help.

Before I finalize all my speakers and schedule out all the dates, I want to be sure I’ve covered everything.

This is where you come in.

Please take just a minute to answer me this short question: what are your top questions about mental health and modern psychology that we absolutely NEED to answer in this event? 

Drop a comment right here.

Event Overview

Most of us don’t know what to make of modern psychology. We feel leery about the whole thing. And yet, mental health is a massive concern.

Perhaps a loved one or friend struggles with a serious mental health issue. Are they being told to ‘offer it up?’ Is this creating frustration and anger? Many Catholics feel helpless and abandoned. They have no resources to make sense of their concerns.

Psychology has come a very long way from its beginnings. Catholic psychology starts deep in the desert Fathers, with saints like St. Thomas Aquinas, and countless religious communities. Catholic Psychology is grounded in a rich intellectual heritage. But there’s still a problem. The average Catholic doesn’t have the time to get a graduate degree just to stay sane and healthy.

What’s the answer? Is it going to confession more? Or is it pushing your questions and feelings and doubts and fears into a dark corner, and telling yourself that you’re the problem? That you’re just ‘weak?’ Absolutely not.

Mental health issues don’t go away when you ignore them. And Confession is not the answer to every doubt and fear. It’s a sacrament of union and forgiveness. You need to be in a healthy mental state to truly appreciate the gift of sacramental life, and live out friendship with Christ and others!

  • What if more people got answers to their deep, burning questions?
  • What if we discovered an interior peace that comes from finding peace in our minds?
  • What if we all knew simple, practical, and Catholic-friendly tools to help you get through your day, change your attitude, and grow in joy?
  • What if we took a moment to accept Christ’s love for us, and show love to ourselves, so that we can share love with others?

We believe it’s all possible. It’s all easy to access. And it’s one of those things every Catholic should know – your catechism, how to ride a bike, and how to nurture a healthy mental state. (Bikes are optional.)

Who are we? We’re a community of Catholic therapists hosting the Catholic Mental Health Conference.

You’re invited!

Join us with a community of excited, faithful Catholics looking for sanity and joy in a scrambled, scary world. We can find it together.

So what do you think? Leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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What top questions MUST this answer for you? Any and all ideas are welcome!

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How do I know the difference between needing a spiritual director and needing a counselor? Is there overlap between spiritual direction and psychological counseling, or are they really separate fields?


How am I able to regain love and faith and hope and rid myself of anxiety and mistrust?

Adam Paterno

Are Catholic Church’s able to provide assistance to parishioners struggling with mental health issues? Do
they have the resources or the contacts to help guide and comfort people? How much of a focus is mental health given in pastoral care generally?

Are there any known movements and organizations within the global Church helping to advance awareness, to educate and offer resources?

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