Fratelli Tutti
A First-look at the New Encylical by Pope Francis 

Join us for a two hour, live conference hosted by Where Peter Is to celebrate the pope’s upcoming encyclical on human fraternity, Fratelli Tutti.

There will be live panel discussions covering two major themes of Francis’ pontificate: fraternity and solidarity.

Live Q&A will follow each panel discussion.

Hear from popular Catholic voices
Learn what you need to know before reading the new encyclical
Understand how it fits in with Tradition and Catholic teaching
Discuss why Pope Francis chose to write on human fraternity
Discuss key points and themes in the document
Bring charity and clarity to our understanding
Live Q&A after each panel discussion
Hear responses to some of the early commentary
Meet and make new friends in the ongoing group

Panel One: Dan Amiri and Pedro Gabriel

Title: Pope Francis and Solidarity

Pope Francis has consistently spoken out strongly against economic inequality and the “culture of consumerism.”

He has also spoken about the impact that the throwaway culture and environmental destruction has had on our common home. He has drawn particular attention to how this culture harms the poor and vulnerable most of all.

In this panel discussion, we will discuss how Fratelli Tutti fits into the wider tradition of Catholic Social Teaching and what Francis wants to say to a post-pandemic world.

Panel Two: David Lafferty and Adam Rasmussen

Title: Pope Francis and Fraternity

During his papacy, Pope Francis has taken great strides in ecumenical and interreligious dialogue with members of other religious groups.  Additionally, he has emphasized the importance of cooperation, religious liberty, nonviolence, and fostering a culture of life.

How can we understand the pope’s vision of fraternity and social friendship between people from different religious traditions in the context of the teaching of the Vatican II. What does this mean for the Church going forward?

Meet your Hosts

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Welcome Letter from Mike

Join us for a two hour live conference hosted by the contributors to Where Peter Is for a first look at Pope Francis’s upcoming encyclical on human fraternity, Fratelli Tutti.

We will be having  two live panel discussions, covering major themes of Francis’ pontificate and his approach to human fraternity: economic justice and interreligious dialogue. A live Q&A will follow each panel discussion.

Presenters will discuss what Pope Francis has taught about these topics in the past, including in his recent Wednesday Audiences and the 2019 document on Human Fraternity, which he signed jointly with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar. We will focus our discussion on Fratelli Tutti in light of these teachings and in the greater context of Tradition and Catholic Social Teaching.

The main presenters are contributors to Where Peter Is, a website devoted to faithfully explaining and promoting the teaching of the pope. As with Pope Francis’ previous documents, there will likely be a great number of hastily-written headlines and misinformation about this document.

We believe that the Holy Spirit wants to speak to the Church through this new encyclical so we invite you to take part in this inaugural discussion of its message.

We hope this first look will help Catholics understand Fratelli Tutti in the context of our Tradition, and we want to help facilitate its reception in the minds and hearts of the faithful.

We hope you’ll join us!

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Description: The Sisters of St Louis Nigeria Province have worked and lived among the people since 1995. The COVID-19 lock down means rural schools are closed – children depended on feeding programs. Farmhands are staying home, scared or sick. The Ewulu community need food immediately. The sisters need help building their farm.

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