It was wonderful, very pertinent event.

It was a valuable event! I learned a lot and met some amazing new friends!

Great event, great speakers, great community

Very organized, great host

The conference was encouraging. The speakers presented their talks sincerely and reminded the listener of the peace that God’s mercy brings.

It was a valuable event! I learned a lot and met some amazing new friends!

The ‘God is Hope’ online event

Real stories of lives utterly changed by God’s love, to help you renew your faith, and be witness to God’s faithfulness!

God’s nature is mercy and loving kindness.

On November 28-29, 2020, a host of Catholic speakers and guests came together to celebrate a message the world starves for.

It’s the message of the Gospel itself. That God is mercy. It is His nature. Together, we explore and share stories to help us become more merciful, loving, and fair – to ourselves and the world.

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Weekly Prayer & Rosary meetings after the event

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Restore your hope

We need mercy

“The fragility of our era is this, too: we don’t believe that there is a chance for redemption; for a hand to raise you up; for an embrace to save you, forgive you, pick you up, flood you with infinite, patient, indulgent love; to put you back on your feet. We need mercy.”

Pope Francis,  The Name of God is Mercy

Welcome Letter from Anne DeSantis

Dear friend,

At the end of 2020, you might be asking, “Where is the light? Does God know or care about me? Is there really even a God?”

What if we could prove to you that not only is there a God Who cares, but His character is actually pure mercy?

If you have felt disappointed in God this year, walk with us for a weekend as we give testimony of His faithfulness.

Listen to real-life stories and vital experiences of God’s saving hand throughout history – and in our own day.

Delve into the problem of evil and why we don’t need to despair.

Discover how to balance the justice of God with the mercy of God.

Learn practical wisdom for sin-management and dealing with Catholic guilt.

Find out why and how to love the sacrament of Confession.

Hear from the popes, especially Pope Francis, how to be mercy-bearers to the world.

We’re really excited about the timing of this conference because it opens the same weekend as Advent, that wonderful yearly time of renewal.

Get ready to welcome Jesus into your hearts and bring Him to your communities this Christmas.

As we open a new liturgical year together, anticipating the arrival of the Light of the World, let the hope within us restore the hope within you.

Anne DeSantis

Topics we will cover:

  • The Great Lover in Scripture
  • Jesus Christ, the Face and Word of God
  • Father of Mercies and God of all comfort
  • Redeemer of the WorldLife-Giver and Sanctifier
  • Divine Mercy
  • Relationship with Christ and His Mother
  • Why Bad Things Happen to Good People: God’s Response
    Saints of Mercy
  • The Sacraments and Mercy
  • Vocations and Living Mercy
  • Holy Quotes on God’s Mercy
  • Loving One Another and Mercy
  • The Sacrament of Confession
  • Spreading the Gospel in Daily Life
  • Forgiving through Mercy

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” -John 3:16

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