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SmartCatholics helps Catholic speakers and groups run online events. You bring the talent, we handle the tech and marketing materials – even if you don’t have a budget or massive audience. We work hard to bring you highly-engaged attendees who really want to attend. 


Faithful Catholics

We are passionate servants of the Magisterium,  and love Pope Francis.


Professional Marketers

We’ve spent years building brands and managing projects. 


Online Savvy

We handle all the onboarding, marketing and event details. You show up and shine.

Anna Maria Basquez

What an amazing experience, thank you! I look forward to working with you in the future! What a great team;)

Lynn Kapisinski

An amazing experience and honor to be part of this wonderful event and team! God certainly blessed us today!

Our goal is simple: to connect new and growing speakers with thousands of Catholics worldwide.

We eliminate the learning curve, the need for any budget, and starting from scratch. Get our experience, our team, and our growing audience at your service.

The SmartCatholics vision celebrates Catholicism’s smart, beautiful heritage, and follows the spirit of our latest popes in being living witnesses of faith, joy, and hope to the modern world.

Explore the ‘How it works’ and ‘FAQs’ tabs on this page for more information.

How does it work

A SmartCatholics event is usually paid – for a reason.

Free events often drive a ton of signups, but poor commitment. That’s why we either charge for tickets, or work out a fee with you ahead of time. 

We follow an 8-week process that starts far ahead of your event, delivers an incredible weekend, and then helps you follow up with formation programs.

1: Pre-Launch the Concept

Schedule a call with us about your idea. If we’re a good fit, then we’ll help you pre-launch your conference. 

A ‘pre-launch’ is a way to announce the idea to your network, to ask for ideas, feedback, and potential speakers from future attendees. 

This allows them to get excited, with plenty of lead up time. Most importantly, it helps you bring them what they want. 

2: Event Profits

You or your organization are eligible for 30% of attendee ticket sales from the event weekend. This only happens after $5500 has been made.  

Every speaker is encouraged to invite a vendor. All vendors select a promotion level to participate.

All these details are agreed ahead of time.


3: Outreach & onboarding 

With the official launch (6-8 weeks out), share the progress and public response about the event with speakers to confirm their involvement. Number of speakers is capped at 33. Additional speakers are scheduled as follow-ups for the community.

SmartCatholics handles all the speaker onboarding, scheduling, and event setup from beginning to end. 

4: Marketing Materials

SmartCatholics handles all the graphic design, and creates marketing content for you to share.

This means the scripts and social graphics.

5: Cohosting

Cohosts help speakers have a great time – by handling the details.

Cohosts will focus on welcoming people, and facilitating the live sessions.

This helps every speaker relax and focus on answering questions.

6: Video Replays 

All speakers must pitch a 20 minute TED-style talk.

This will be followed by 20 minutes of Q&A, so that attendees can ask questions, chat, and share their insights.

7: Event Followup

During and after the event itself, we will promote speaker workshops or communities to help attendees continue with formation.

This is the most important part of any event.

8: Replays

Now that all the promotional materials are produced, and attendees guided to after-event workshops and communities, we close the event.

We ask the attendees for feedback, and incorporate reviews. 


9: Future Relaunch 

Your event is now produced as an on-demand video collection. We can discuss scheduling  a follow up event for a future date. 

This is a way to incorporate new speakers, update with new materials, and reach new attendees.


A rising tide raises all boats! This is why we collaborate.

SmartCatholic online events or virtual summits focus on one main thing: bringing our attendees the most value possible. Our speakers bring experience, insights, and wisdom to help the pewsitting Catholic love and understand the Gospel.

But, we’re just as serious about making it absolutely worth your time, and a win for every speaker. That’s why these events:

  • Make it easy for you to run your own giveaways and freebies
  • Promote your products and services
  • Continue to update and re-release the conference – long after the launch date
  • You’re our first go-to for new events and opportunities

In return, every speaker agrees to send a couple of emails to their list! When we all do this, everyone gets access to new & more followers/leads, and everyone wins. This means that you grow your donor base, downloads, and consulting – which brings you more income.

Which means you can do more speaking.

This only happens because every speaker shares the news with their friends, fans, and network.

So here is what’s expected as one of our speakers:

2-3 Emails To Your list: not sales-y pitches, but highlight your talk & make you look awesome to your tribe.

3-4 Social Posts: We will provide you with graphic, scripts, and any links you need. We guarantee to make you look like an influencer!

God bless,


Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the event content?

All original recordings prepared for this event belong to SmartCatholics. 

Any other content you provide gives SmartCatholics a special licence to own and use the content without restriction. This is so that we can turn it into a variety of promotional materials, include it in bundles, and continue to find creative ways to bring you new exposure.

Will SmartCatholics promote my event afterward?

We will promote it to our audience, and continue to make it easy for new and existing audiences to register.

You will be able to update and re-launch your conference to new audiences. Ask us any time about how to do this!

Does SmartCatholics guarantee a viral, massive audience?

No, we don’t. We promise our mailing list, and will help you hunt for partners to grow the reach of the event. We empower you to create something exciting, and give you the promotional materials to get it out there. 

Who ‘owns’ the event audience?

We take very seriously the trust that attendees give us when they sign up their emails. That is why we don’t share these details with anyone.

Instead, we get creative with you to inspire people to join your list, such as our week-long viral giveaway. Participants are invited to join your list to win a prize from you.

Is there a speaker agreement?

Yes, you can see it here.

How much work do I have to do?

As the host, you will invite and confirm speakers and partners. You can provide the welcome and closing remarks.

We handle all the onboarding and support for speakers after you introduce them to us.

We can discuss any additional work you need. 

How are event passes priced?

Faith formation shouldn’t be a rich man’s game. That’s why we keep our rates a flat $25 for everyone around the world.

The event host (you) receives 30% of access passes from the weekend, after we’ve made $5500 in sales income.

How busy does the event weekend need to be?

As busy as you want. They can be back-t0-back speaker sessions and Q&As, or a few talks scattered across the weekend. 

The goal is to launch a community, and provide an ongoing place for people to come together for mutual support and insight. 

How available is the SmartCatholics team?

Very, over video chat (preferred!) or phone. Schedule a call at any time with Dominic, or a SmartCatholics team member.

“My group in the Philippines partnered with Dominic and SmartCatholics for our highly successful international conference on “Jesus-Centered Life” last December 5 to 8.

The project went on to become a landmark event in the Philippines and in many countries, thanks to the amazing work done by SmartCatholics and Parousia. Tens of thousands of people participated in the various live and asynchronous activities. Dominic provided our event with the professional and attractive look that greatly contributed to the massive turn-out of participants, and enabled us to network with some wonderful speakers who are equally passionate about the work of evangelization. We look forward to continue working with him in other projects in the future.”

Mann Rentoy, Executive Director of Center for the 4th & 5th Rs Asia

Why join SmartCatholics?

We’re marketers looking to help Catholic speakers launch their online communities. We’re your team of specialists, and we’re ready to go to work for you. Unsure where to start? Talk to a friendly Catholic ready to help!

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