Give a talk in the Academy

It’s like a clearing-house for talks. Catholic veterans and new voices give a free talk to promote your ministry and build your audience.

Help us break the ‘Bystander Effect.’

We need your help. Faithful Catholics around the world are looking for new insights into modern issues. And you need to reach new people. We’re partnering with your mission to educate, entertain, and empower average Catholics to feel and act like first-responders.

Here’s how it works: 

Free Attendance

SmartCatholics invites our growing emailing list to attend your 45 minute talk for free. End the talk with space for Q&A.

Promote your work

Promote your ministry, or highlight a product. Please have something to sell! 



Host a private 30 minute afterparty for SmartCatholics First-Responders, to workshop their questions more deeply.

“The thing the church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful; it needs nearness, proximity. I see the church as a field hospital after battle.”

– Pope Francis

“The Authentic Mens’ Seminar was outstanding.

“I wish there was more content similar to this and I salute Smart Catholics for creating content that is relevant to young men because they need it. We need to get the message to people AND MEET THEM WHERE THEY ARE AT. That is exactly what Smart Catholics and the Authentic Mens’ Seminar did. I can’t wait for more from them.”

– D. Nieto


Season 1 of the Academy

These are the main topics we will focus on in launching this Academy.

Sacred Scripture

How to think with the Church Fathers, the Catechism, and the Catholic Church.

Catholic Catechism

Unpacking the gift of doctrine and truth, in a way that everyone can get.

Papal Documents

Find out what our latest popes have said, on their own terms, and why it matters.

Every talk must:

  • Start with a clear roadmap and a sense of what to expect in the rest of the webinar. 
  • Address the outcome of the talk: what will they learn or experience that will change them? It must feel immediately practical.
  • Mention people’s names when you’re addressing them or referring to them (a great way to get their attention!)
  • Break up your talk into pieces, and at the end of each piece, tease what’s coming next.
  • End with an ‘upsell’: an offer for coaching, sign up for your list, or buy a product.

What you get:


    Reach a new audience

    Promote your work and ministry, and invite email signups .


    Help with copywriting

    We’ll help you edit the promotional content


    Ask for donations

    All attendees understand that a $5 donation is invited, but not mandatory.


    Branded design

    We’ll help you create the promotional graphics

    Apply to give a talk

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