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Welcome to our lineup of speakers, with more updates to come! It’s all in one handy, alphabetical list. Read their bios, find the links to their websites, and watch their invites.

You can learn more about this event on the official page, and join the community ahead of time!

Leave a comment sharing the one you’re most excited to learn from!

Anne deSantis - 'After Divorce' 2020 Conference

Anne DeSantis

Bio: Mom, educator, author and businesswoman, Anne is also Director of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation for Freedom, Family, and Faith, where she is honored to help families and individuals in crisis. As one herself, Anne has a special place in her heart for ministering to adult children of divorce.

Title: 10 Tips for Healing for Adult Children of Divorce

Debbie Georgianni

Bio: Debbie Georgianni is a writer, inspirational speaker, and certified health/wellness coach. She dedicated 25 years to Catechetical Ministry in the Diocese of Phoenix working with all age groups, and she spent 5 years in Community Relations and as an Announcer for Immaculate Heart Radio. Debbie currently co-hosts with Jerry Usher the live weekday radio show “Take 2” on the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network. Recognizing that God is always at work, Debbie shows people what can be learned from divorce.

Title: Talk: The Virtue of Detachment

David Gray - 'After Divorce' 2020 Conference

David L. Gray

Bio: David L. Gray is an American Catholic theologian, historian and President of Saint Dominic’s Media. His most recent publications include The Divine Symphony: An Exordium to the Theology of the Catholic Mass and The Catholic Catechism on Freemasonry. A convert, David is passionate about the liturgy as guide and answer to all the questions and problems of life.

Title: Living the Liturgy: Lord Save Me

Dr Ray Guarendi - 'After Divorce' 2020 Conference

Dr. Ray Guarendi

Dr. Ray Guarendi is a Catholic father of ten, clinical psychologist, author, professional speaker, and national radio & television host. His radio show, “The Dr. Is In” can be heard on over 440 stations as well as SiriusXM® channel 130. An expert in the “Surviving Divorce” video program used in hundreds of parishes, he captivates audiences with compelling humor, practical advice and proven techniques. He is known for his work on grief, forgiveness, parenting in difficult situations, and much more.

Title: TBD

Lynn Kapusinski - 'After Divorce' 2020 Conference

Lynn Kapusinski

Bio: A licensed clinical professional counselor and pastoral counselor, Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski, LCPC, NCC is a happily married “child of divorce,” and leading figure in Catholic pastoral care of children from divorced or separated families. Her work has been recognized by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family, the Knights of Columbus, and various dioceses. She has appeared on EWTN and Relevant Radio and speaks at conferences around the country.

Title: What Your Children Need Most from You Now

Fr Dwight Longenecker 'After Divorce' 2020 Conference

Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Bio: Fr. Dwight Longenecker is an award-winning blogger, speaker, and the author of “Immortal Combat” plus twenty other books on Catholic faith and culture. As a convert from Anglicanism and a married priest under the Pastoral Provision, Fr. Longenecker has extensive experience dealing with matters pertaining to family life. With a poet’s soul, he helps others discover how the romance of religion heals human hearts.

Title: Finding Forgiveness

Title 2: Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing

Ben Nguyen - 'After Divorce' 2020 Conference

Ben Nguyen

Bio: Ben Nguyen is a canon and civil lawyer who serves as Chancellor for the Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas, where he is also Canonical Counsel & Theological Advisor and Promoter of Justice in the Diocesan Tribunal. Holding degrees in music, theology, law, canon law, and Scripture, he has served numerous positions in parish, diocesan, and academic arenas. Ben is a national lecturer and canonical legal consultant for dioceses, religious institutions, apostolates, schools, and non-profit organizations throughout the United States.

Title: Understanding “Annulments”: The What, the Why, and the How

Fr Steven Porter - 'After Divorce' 2020 Conference

Fr. Steve Porter

Bio: Fr. Steve Porter has been a priest of the Diocese of San Bernardino, CA for 30 years, and was a priest of the Diocese of East Anglia, England for 10 years before that.  He has filled those 40 years with ministry to families, immigrants, divorced, and many other marginalized groups. Fr. Porter holds a Ph.D. with specialization in Spiritual Direction. He believes the interior life is for all, and encourages divorced persons to go deeper with God, their Healer.

Title: A Spirituality of Strength in the Face of the Falsity of Fear

Ronda Reil

Bio: Ronda is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in counseling those dealing with grief, divorce recovery, addiction recovery and blended family issues. She facilitates two support groups, including a group for survivors of divorce. Her practice is in Palm Desert, California, where her reputation for wisdom and compassion have helped her lead men and women toward joy and peace for almost twenty years.

Title: Naming and Facing your Biggest Fears: Getting Through Emotional Pain

Marek Rudak - 'After Divorce' 2020 Conference

Marek Rudak

Bio: Marek Rudak is an ICF certified coach who helps Christian men grow from divorce and flourish in its wake. Navigating annulment taught him invaluable lessons about life, love, himself, and God, which he now makes it his mission to pass on to others. In 2020 Marek is happily married to the love of his life and has published a #1 Amazon New Release, The Love Driven Man.

Title: Five Strategies for Finding Your Way Again

Rose Sweet - 'After Divorce' 2020 Conference

Rose Sweet

Rose Sweet is a Catholic author, retreat and conference speaker, and a certified life, relationship, and divorce recovery coach. She created the “Surviving Divorce” video series used in hundreds of US parishes and other countries. Drawing from Scripture, the Catechism, Theology of the Body and more, Rose’s inspiring books and talks offer heart, humor, and hope to those seeking lasting happiness, authentic romance, and the strengthening or healing of relationships.

Title: TBD

Christopher West - 'After Divorce' 2020 Conference

Dr. Christopher West

Bio: Dr. Christopher West is featured on the “Surviving Divorce” video series where he powerfully and poignantly speaks to hearts broken by divorce. His global lecturing, best-selling books, multiple audio and video programs, and popular podcast (co-hosted by his wife Wendy) have made him one of the world’s most recognized teachers of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. He is President of the Theology of the Body Institute.

Title: Your Wounds Are Destined to Shine With Glory

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