the smartcatholics podcast network

Join a network of supportive, grassroots podcasters to grow your reach and collaborate together. Plus, we can launch and produce your show. Ask today.

what is the SmartCatholics Podcast Network?

Our network is the only  one we know with a thriving community baked in. Plus bonus tools most Catholic ministries get excited about!

SmartCatholics is the fastest-growing community to support the mission and vision of Pope Francis, and the need for healthy, faithful discussion on important issues.

We have 4800+ members, and an email list of 10,000+ Catholics worldwide, with 20% engagement rates. (Learn more)

We help creators and catechists launch brands, create shows, and connect with faithful Catholics around the world.

Dominic – SmartCatholics’ founder – hosts 3 podcasts plus a YouTube show. During interviews with 50+ ministries, he kept hearing the same complaints and problems:

"I want to reach more people, and I can't do it alone."

"I love podcasting, but don't know how to grow my show."

"I'm tired of the anti-Pope Francis toxicity. I want to be a part of the solution."

So we’re creating a network – and we’re doing it with you first in mind.

Zero fees or ads

Free to join! Sign up or leave any time. Keep 100% of your ad revenue.

Keep control

It’s your content, your schedule, your comfort zone,  your sponsors.

Grow your reach

It’s your content, your schedule, your comfort zone,  your sponsors.

Easy as pie

You don’t need to migrate your show or do anything. Just join!

what do network members get?

Podcast Directory

Add your show to our directory of podcasts for free, ongoing promotion.

Email Promotion

Your show gets promoted in the weekly ‘SmartCatholics Insider’ email to 10,000+ Catholics.

Start a Group

Start a group in SmartCatholics to meet and chat with your listeners.

Catholic Leaders

Join the private group for Catholic leaders to network.

Podcast Coaching

Improve your show with professional branding and marketing coaching.

Studio Services

Full production and promotion of your podcast, for flat monthly fees.

what do network members agree to do?

All members of the network agree to do these things:

Talk about it

Include a free ad for SmartCatholics as a show sponsor – or promote your group! 

Post about it

Add your latest episode as a post in the SmartCatholics community.


Add the sponsor ad link in your shownotes and on your website. 

Support each other

Get invited on a show? Consider inviting them back!

Promote your group

Include a spot in your show inviting people to take your course, donate to you, and meetup with you in your group!

Share the Vision

All network members agree to the same culture of kindness, learning, and faithfulness.

sample network blurb

All network members agree to include a short blurb in your episode shownotes. At any point during your show, include a 10 second ‘sponsored message,’ or promote your group.

If we’re producing your show, we can drop it in for you!

Shownotes Blurb & Sponsored Message

We’re a proud partner of the SmartCatholics Podcast Network. Find new shows to love, meet like-minded Catholics, and join the community at

Got a SmartCatholics group? Use this message

Enjoying this show? Come and join my private group in SmartCatholics. Meet up with other listeners, share your insights and outlooks, and chat with me to make this show even better! Plus, you can find new shows you’ll love, meet like-minded Catholics, and join the community at

The SmartCatholics Podcast Network is a grassroots, mutually-supportive group of creators

Hosting a show can be incredibly rewarding for conversations, marketing, and more. But do these sound like you?


Ready to stop because it’s ‘not working’


You’re tired of all the ‘pushy marketing’


Social media doesn’t respond well


You don’t have a mailing list


Your listeners aren’t responding to you


You wonder if anyone thinks like you

Join a community of passionate podcasters, and faithful Catholics, who enjoy collaborating. Together, we can grow our audiences, support each other, and stop feeling alone as creators!


Continue with your setup and sponsors


Reach new listeners and chat with people


Get friendly, professional support


Launch to a growing audience


Discover new guests and interview invites


Stop delaying – get launching

a rising tide raises all ships

Hi, I’m Dominic, founder of SmartCatholics. My day job is in branding for startups and introverts, plus website and graphic design. But my passion is serving the Catholic Church. 

And in the last decade, that passion has grown to serve the guidance and mission of Pope Francis.

SmartCatholics started as an online community to bring faithful Catholics together. Now, this Network aims to help us all keep creating the online content that moves us.

But we’re not doing it alone. Together, we can inspire each other, give and get feedback, and grow our audiences. 

At any time, you can schedule time with me to go over your podcast, talk about your branding, and how all this ‘content marketing’ you’re doing can serve your business. You need to be practical with your energy, and your podcast should sustain you, not drain you. 

Whether  you ‘re starting from scratch, or have been podcasting for years, this network dreams of helping us share our leadership. 

Because you have a gift that many faithful and fallen-away Catholics hunger for: you have a voice. You can say what’s in their hearts. 

Together, let’s help each other grow.

SmartCatholics is excited to serve you!


Ready to join the Network?

Send me a personal message with your top question!

Free Member


  • Enter the Directory
  • Join our Catholic Leaders Group
  • Post your episodes in the  SmartCatholics community
  • Repurpose your episodes into free beautiful, courses


Network Pro

$25 p/month

  • Everything in free, plus:
  • Your own group in SmartCatholics
  • Add your episodes to the main feed to reach all members
  • Get your podcast thumbnail in our weekly email, and our website homepage
  • Promote your meetup event or launch in our main calendar


Studio Services

Starting at $100 p/month

  • Hire us to record, produce, and publish your show to major networks
  • Get professional design and branding 
  • We can manage your social media and post for you

Extra Services: We can build and launch you a professional website

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