marketing services for Catholic startups

SmartCatholics is hosted and built by Catholic marketers. In the last 10+ years, we’ve launched 200+ websites, and shipped 6000+ graphic designs.


We look forward to serving you with our suite of services!

get a sleek website

Schedule a call today with a website professional to audit and review your website, get suggestions for improvement, or help launching a new site.


launch a Catholic brand

Schedule a personal, guided workshop through the core areas of your brand. Find the right words, clarify your message, and stand out from other ministries.


collaborate with marketing

SmartCatholics is more than a community. We’re a grassroots social network to help new Catholic creators  and leaders network,  build audiences, and grow  your impact.

SmartCatholics Studio

web design & branding for Catholic ministries

Hi, I’m Dominic, the SmartCatholics Founder. My day job is branding and graphic design. SmartCatholics is my gift to help you grow your ministry.

Since 2020, Catholic ministries have been networking, marketing, and sharing insights together in this community. Now, with professional services in branding and design, plus my shortlist of trusted friends, we’re here to serve you.


reach catholics

A growing community faithful to the Magisterium, Vatican II,  and Pope Francis.

make an impact

Launch to an audience, and get tools to establish yourself and grow.


Join a group to network, learn, collaborate, and create new opportunities.

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