Sharing the Church’s Story

April 17, 2021 • Simple, powerful tips and workshops so that everyone can share the Church’s story with charity, clarity, and confidence.

“Jesus spoke of God not with abstract concepts, but with parables, brief stories taken from everyday life.

“At this point life becomes story and then, for the listener, story becomes life: the story becomes part of the life of those who listen to it, and it changes them.

Pope Francis, 54th World Communications Day

Welcome Letter from Brenden Thompson

 Why is it important to know how to share the Church’s story?

Every Catholic is frequently faced with challenging questions, whether online, with family, from work colleagues, or by friends over drinks.

We all know the stereotypes and misunderstandings that exist about the Church. Many faithful Catholics can often feel full of dread when asked tough questions about the Church’s positions. Does that sound like you?

Back in 2010, Pope Benedict XVI planned to visit the UK. So Catholic Voices was created to answer media interviews, and share the Church’s story in a clear, positive light during his visit.

Since that visit, ordinary Catholics around the world keep asking for our ‘secrets’ and techniques. Normal people – just like you – who wish they had the same confidence to talk about the Church.

We dream of a Church that can speak to modern culture in clear and compelling way, led by ordinary men and women! Catholic Voices has found a simple combo that makes a world of difference.

  • Find common ground.
  • Look for the positive intention behind the criticism.
  • Stay kind and civil.

While we might not win the argument that way, we may win the heart.

In this conference, Catholic Voices and Smart Catholics are teaming up to help lay men and women everywhere to share the Church’s story with charity and clarity.

You will learn:

  • How to open hearts and minds.
  • Change the terms of the discussion.
  • Share a new approach to civil communication

Together we will help the Church’s story influence society and our culture.

All of this comes from an embarrassingly simple idea. We can’t just ‘speak’ about the Church to modern Western culture, and expect people to listen.

We have to first find out why people don’t want to listen at all. We have to do something different.

Join us to find out how we can turn controversies into opportunities to share the story of the Church.

  • Find out how to tell a different story from what’s out there.
  • Understand the points of view that lead people to see the Church in a negative light.
  • Learn how to let the truth and beauty of Catholic teaching shine out.

In this online conference, through live sessions, workshops, and recorded video, you will get the tools and attitudes to develop confidence.

Confidence in communicating your faith. Confidence through making friends with an online community of Catholics worldwide who love their faith, just like you.

About Brenden Thompson

Brenden studied Youth Ministry and theology at St Mary’s, Twickenham before going on to do a Masters in Applied Theology at Oxford University. Brenden is currently the CEO of Catholic Voices.

Brenden also speaks to thousands of people every year about the Gospel with joy and enthusiasm and trains others in how to share the Christian faith with charity and clarity.

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“Fulton Sheen said that millions ‘hate’ only what they ‘think’ the Church is. This event will help many discover their own way to talk about the beauty and benefit that our Faith brings the world.”

Dominic de Souza
SmartCatholics Founder, DreamAgain

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