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Ready to connect with scores of inspiring Catholics, leaders and teachers excited to help you live your fullest life!

Introducing SmartCatholics, for the faithful Catholic! It’s for

  • ordinary moms and dads
  • smart students and theologians
  • brilliant bloggers and entrepreneurs
  • modern catechists and creatives
  • hardworking fathers and friars
  • …anyone wanting smart conversations, happy friends, and support in our lives.

Seriously, it exists.

They’re already getting together every day to chat, share stories and insights with each other. They’re meeting and making new friends. They’re joining online conferences, and sticking around for hours in group chats afterward.

They’re getting their questions answered by Catholic experts and teachers, taking courses, and spending one on one time with catechists who absolutely love what they do.

Every one of them knows how important it is to be kind and welcoming. And they’re enjoying themselves. They’re excited. They’re feeling like they found a home no one knew existed.

They’re building a Christ-centered community.

Normal people like you and me, who are sick and tired of the toxicity, trolls, and ads everywhere.

Join the community

Here’s what it looks like on the inside – like Facebook! But no ads…

You see, If everyone was sort of online before, they absolutely are now.

School, learning, education, all happens now over video and social media. Social media is supposed to bring us together. Its supposed t free you to share your excitement and creativity and passion. And instead it terrifies and disgusts us.

People we follow say things we never thought they’d say. Fake news and trolls and bots spoil everything.

Kindness and common sense have disappeared. Everything feels like a forest fire of fear and blame gone out of control. And by the time you’re done unfollowing everyone, all you get is ads, constant, pushy, annoying ads that follow you around.

You’ve been on Netflix, Hulu, and prime for so long you’re starting to lower your standards just for a little fun. Your brain is tired from all the headlines, the constant state of fear, and panic.

But most of all, you’re wondering if being Catholic is worth all the effort. You’ve got this spark of hope and excitement about your faith. But everyone seems to want t stamp it out. Everyone else seems to have all the answers. You’re not sure that anyone wants to hear what you think. In fact, you’re afraid to share your thoughts because you don’t know how.

Well, that’s what SmartCatholics is fixing.


By creating a clear culture with a clear goal. Unity, friendship, and discussion. We celebrate a life of wisdom, self fulfillment, and enrichment. Anything that breaks that down isn’t welcome, which is why people who thrive on fear, anger, and cancel culture aren’t invited. Plenty of other places want you.

And we’ll fight hard to keep it that way.

Abut 15yrs ago, I joined a pilgrimage from OL of Paris to Chartres. It was a grueling blistering march for 56miles across fields and forests, in harsh rain and bright sunlight. Thousands and thousands walking together. And happy. Helping each other. Singing songs together.

Every day was made up of hundreds of conversations and prayers, bubbling together and breaking apart with a happy, natural flow. You discovered the kind of person you were, really you, deep down. Because you divided your time between your own inner prayer. And your support and service to others. We learned songs together, shared jokes.

And helped everyone stay focused on the big picture; reaching the final liturgy of the Mass.

With the great forced isolation of Covid, millions of us begin to realize that our sacred pilgrimage of life has to be lived differently. A lot more online. And that’s where a lot of our angry, fractious, dark sides come out.

Most of us with common sense and kind hearts just don’t engage.

We stay out of it. Keep swiping. Look for the good stuff. And what happens? Social media feels the haunt of jackals, a wasteland where no one wants to live there.

But those Catholics we talked about? There not sitting on their hands. There finding a new way to get plugged in. To connect, and learn, and create entertainment. Not to run away from the world. But to be like the monks and mothers of the Christian world, who find a refuge, double down on what’s good and true, and beautiful, ignite their faith life by celebrating Christ in all things.

Then, nourished through faith, friends, and sacramentals, head back out. Not to preach, but to be present. ready to share answers for the joy that is in us. But we must find that joy first.

We need to remember that life is worth living.

That we can be confident about truth. That we must strive in our own ways, to be magnetic Catholics! Not ‘sour faced saints’. There are no sad saints.  We can’t forget that Christ is with us! Now, today!

Who is behind SmartCatholics? Me, I’m the founder. I’m a young dad who fell absolutely in love with Mary and Jesus, who was given a grace to know. And tonfeel, how absolutely alive and present they are. Not as an idea. As real loving people. I converted to being fully Catholic ten yrs ago, with a burning excitement to share that love with others. I’m not a theologian, but I love to listen and study great theologians.

That’s why SmartCatholics isn’t about me. Its about us.

It only works when we all going to the same place. When we’re here for the same reason. So I’m bringing the experts to you. They’re making groups, courses, live chats, conferences, everything you need to stop feeling alone, and start feeling connected.

Being Catholic is not about learning a ton of stuff.

Anyone who says that is trying to sell something. And being Catholic is not about just sharing your story, because its not over yet.

Being Catholic is about Jesus. Its about being alive in Him. And its about bringing His life and hope and joy to others.

So hers what these SmartCatholics come together to do daily.

  • They celebrate life, and focus on uplifting news and gratitude.
  • They share ideas and advice about how to learn the truth and share resources.
  • They meet and make friends to discover their unique way to be magnetic, and attract people.

And you’re invited!

Because when we get that chance to be accepted, and be the best versions of ourselves for a little while, we light up.

We transform with excitement. And its contagious. It wants to be shared. We don’t mind the weeds in the wheat field as much, because we’re overjoyed to see the incredible wheat harvest, and let Christ handle the rest.

All of this is possible because it is a safe, and friendly place.

And that is my promise to you. My team and I work incredibly hard to make all this happen. I want a place like this for myself, so I made it for you.

That’s why if you have a hard time fitting in, your welcome to leave. Really. Its my job to keep you safe and taken care of. They have to go through me first.

So what does it cost? Nothing. It’s free.

Come on in and meet everyone, see what’s going on, and start sharing. Don’t sit back and wait to be entertained. That’s not what this is.

This place doesn’t work without you. The world needs what you have to give! Try things. Learn things. Always leave a comment. Build a culture of kindness with us. Because where two or more are gathered in His Name, He is present.

And if you do want more, and want to support us, you can join our $10 a month plan, which gives you access to every conference we run. Plus a ton of more bonuses that that we’re working on just for you.

So if you’re tired of trolls, toxicity and ads, and want to meet a host of Catholics who love to support each other in kindness, creativity, and compassion, you’ve found it.

We are joyful messengers, guardians of goodness and beauty, faithful to the Gospel, the Holy Father, and the Church. We’re on a sacred pilgrimage.

Come on in. I’ll see you inside.

Join the community

A quote from a huge fan, Melinda:

“I have been doing a ton of poking around on Smart Catholics today and this is what I see. We are all united in Christ with many different abilities that make this platform beautiful. We have the recruiters, prayer warriors, counselors, technicians, comforters, teachers, and students. Many different branches coming and going back to the main source just like the Celtic symbol… Dominic, you have created something beautiful.”

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Mary Jo Rennert

Dominic, I love the video! You’ve taken positive action and created an inspired, inspiring community. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and having the courage to follow through! May God bless you and your family with abundant graces!

Dominic de Souza | Founder of SmartCatholics
SmartCatholics | Marketer & storyteller. Geeks over epics, mystics, science, the angelic, & Netflix.

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