Brenden Flynn

Brenden Flynn

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Brenden Flynn survived an accident that left him with severe traumatic brain injuries. In rehab, he fell in love and married Nicole. Today, he has defied the odds. Together, they made it their life mission to serve God by educating people with their faith filled stories.

Short Bio

Brenden Flynn

As a brain injury survivor, Brenden understands what it means to fully appreciate life. He enjoys speaking to all crowds, and especially seeing people’s reaction up close. No one can understand how he survived his accident, not even him. Only God knows, and he gives him all the credit.

He has been on EWTN, At Home With Jim And Joy, Facing Life TV, and the documentary Life Affirming Choices. He has spoken to all ages, also at a newsboys concert.

He wants to change the worlds out look, so many people like to rush to judgement and say they wouldn’t want to love like that. He plans to change everyone’s mind.

Being Catholic has opened his eyes to a world that now makes sense.

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Never Give Up

Signature Talk | Teens

I speak on the quality of life after being given a poor diagnosis.

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Pain isn’t always bad


I discuss the holiness involved with suffering.

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The Power of the Rosary


Exploring the awesome power of the rosary, and how much my life has changed because of it.


“I really loved this talk, you showed me to appreciate everything I have and the people in my life. You showed me that through tough times in life, God will carry you.”


“I learned that no matter how bad you have it something good can come out of that situation. Also I can change my life even if I’m not in the best position. I also learned you’re the cutest couple ever.”


“This talk has really opened my eyes and was extremely heartwarming. I took out of this talk that life gets hard, but you have to push through. Things will get better, and there is a reason for everything that happens.”

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