Catherine Zepeda

Catherine Zepeda

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A young Catholic, Catherine Zepeda is Co-Founder of Feminine Genius Strategists: Vocation Formation for Lay Women.

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Catherine Zepeda

Catherine Zepeda, is Co-Founder of Feminine Genius Strategists: Vocation Formation for Lay Women.

She is 17 and a rising senior, she has a very outgoing, bubbly personality and loves to laugh. She enjoys doing: arts and crafts, like panting with water, writing and listening to music, talking to friends, helping people which she is training to do as a strategist through the women’s school and taking care of her family in which she is the oldest of nine kids, having one sister and seven brothers.

Her goals and dreams in life are to talk to young people about the importance of respect and to have a happy family that lives near the beach with 12 kids and a loving husband.

She has a strong faith that helps her through the trials along the path of growth that will lead her to her goals and dreams and ultimately heaven.

Catherine and Sophia are talented Strategists in training for The Woman School and are leading their generation as women of wholeness!

Naomi Zepeda
Women’s School Strategist

How to be a Gen Z Superwoman in Catholic Friendships

Signature Talk | Teens

A talk given by two Catholic striving teenagers on how to begin to work towards holier friendships.

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It is only too often that both relationships in person and in social media run rampant with toxicity in friendships in today’s society.

Even in Catholic friendships, comparison, competition, and criticism often leak through, destroying potential bonds with others and ultimately leading to quiet desperation and loneliness.

It is our hope as members of the Gen Z generation to provide tools to fight against the comparison, competition, and criticism by being the Superwomen of Faith Christ is calling us to be! It is our desire to inspire in others the knowledge that a deep, meaningful friendship is possible.

By learning what to avoid, we can find what to encourage in our interactions with others. Learning to hold each other accountable and lead each other closer to Christ is the kind of friendship we are called to emulate as Catholics.

Dress: an Art form and a Respect Factor


The beauty we portray on the outside is a direct reflection of our beauty on the inside.

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Beauty in our dress is an important detail to consider because it is not only an artistic demonstration of our taste, but a reflection of the respect we have for ourselves. Learn how you can choose your outfit with artistic style and modesty.

Respect: A Lost Art


In today’s society people have lost the art of respect for one another, reclaim respect for one-another, and society will be transformed.

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A lack of respect is the root of many problems in today’s society. By respecting people in our mind, our speech, and our actions, we can reclaim this art form and transform the world.

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