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Donna A. Heckler

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Donna is an inspirational Catholic speaker and acclaimed author motivating people to Be Radiant. This global marketing executive had some significant time-outs and shares what she learned when forced to sit quietly with God. With the launch of her newest book, Donna now brings marketing insights to parishes and ministries as they seek to evangelize.

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Donna A. Heckler

Most of us face different hardships in life. In Donna’s inspirational speech “And Then God Gave Me A Time Out” she shares how hardships forced her to spend some quiet time with God, leading her to understand what really matters in life; the importance of faith, and the fact that we are all radiant children of God. 

This inspirational Catholic speaker motivates others with her authentic story-telling.  She is especially in awe and humbled by the prayers, hand-holding and importantly, the many new faith-filled friends she has made.

Evangelization Through Marketing

Donna is a global brand strategy executive, brand marketing thought leader, and author of the highly acclaimed book Marketing God: Inspired Strategies for Building the Kingdom.  With the launch of this book in August 2019, Donna focused her wealth of marketing and communication expertise to benefit Catholic Institutions and ministries.

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And Then God Gave Me A Time-out

Signature Talk | Adults

Highly motivational and energizing, Donna shares her personal journey of time-outs from cancer and a freak leg injury, inspiring you and your audience to Be Radiant, regardless of what is happening in your life.

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Donna had served as a global marketing executive for several multi-billion dollar organizations. A very accomplished and busy professional, this faith-filled Catholic missed God in her everyday life, and yet couldn’t figure out how to make time for him. So, God gave her a “time-out” with a freak leg accident. Forced to sit quietly and heal, she started to appreciate the wonders of God all around her. But, apparently God was not done with her yet, for no sooner had her leg started to heal and she started interviewing for a new job that she discovered her stage 3 breast cancer.

Donna is the first one to tell you that she NEVER thought she would speak publicly about God. And yet, with God in the front seat of her life, she is often called upon to share her story, journey, her beliefs, and what she has learned. Donna believes that if we can learn to embrace the quiet and spend time with God each day, it frees us up to live life radiantly, with God shining through each of us.

Donna shares her story, her path, with humor, faith and passion. She motivates and energizes you to live your most radiant life, regardless of the journey you are on.

Marketing God: Inspired Strategies


Can our parishes, ministries and apostolates use marketing techniques that work in corporate America and apply them to building God’s kingdom? Global corporate marketing executive and Catholic speaker Donna A. Heckler believes the answer is yes. 

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Based on her acclaimed book “Marketing God: Insightful Strategies for Building the Kingdom” this customized talk for your organization will give you the inside secrets for applying secular marketing techniques to reach and engage with more people through your diocese, parish or ministry.

Gina – Oklahoma

“I am having my own “time-outs”. Donna’s talk has made me realize that, and I NEED to start spending more time with God.”

Tom – St. Louis

“This was wonderful and so inspiring! I want to keep track of you see what more you do in your life – you are not done doing God’s work!”

Margaret – Oklahoma

“I felt badly for whoever had to follow Immacolee. And then, Donna was next and absolutely knocked it out of the park!”

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