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Judith Jolma is a Convert, Wife, Homeschooling Mother of 4, Founder of Sophia Homeschool, Self-worth Strategist,Speaker, Writer and Entrepreneur. She is passionate about teaching women how to rise above depletion so they can give to their families from a life of wholeness.

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Judith Jolma

As a homeschool parent, Judith knows that we can’t give what we don’t have. She inspiers mothers to become whole for the sake of their children and husband. She is a journalist, entrepreneur and regular contributor to children’s publications.

She knows that inspiration comes through the art and craft of story-telling and that we all have our own story to craft, live and to tell. Judith is a student of childhood development through the Montessori Method and Catechism of the Good Shepherd.

She and her husband founded Sophia Homeschool — an online classroom that offers teacher training to homeschool parents. She discovered that successful homeschooling parents are the ones who invest in their own personal development. That is why she joined the Woman School to serve mothers so they can serve their children from a place of wholeness.

Her family belongs to an ancient form of Christianity — Melkite Greek-Catholicism — which is the bedrock of their lives. They share their beautiful story through home ministries and education.

Judith strives to inspire, lead and teach others to intentionally craft their own beautiful life stories.

First Things First

Signature Talk | Adults

This talk reminds parents to put the first things first when bringing up children, always encouraged by the fact that we serve a God who keeps promises.

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Vicki didn’t know what to do. The school was systematically undermining her faith and the children were slipping away.

“If my children never learn to read but love the Lord, I have been a successful mother,” Vicki said. “If they have successful careers and are wealthy but leave their faith, I have failed.”

This talk takes the listener through my mother’s journey of faith as she applied the hope of St. John Paul, II: “Parents are the first and most important educators of their own children.”

This talk reminds parents to put the first things first when bringing up children, always encouraged by the fact that we serve a God who keeps promises.

Vicki’s radical obedience resulted in seven faithful adult children but who are also successful in life.

When Mom is Whole They are Whole


Mom, you can’t give what you don’t have. Fill your own cup first.

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How you show up matters more than your lesson plan, more than what you tell your children, more than any opportunity you give them.

You want them to be mature, peaceful, kind, responsible, in control of their minds, emotions, time, health and finances. ARE YOU?

God did not design motherhood for depletion but abundance.

Parenting in a Shifted Culture


Young mothers need Catholic mentors more than ever.

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Not long ago, new mothers had a network of women — mothers, sisters, aunts, neighbors — around them, willing to help and to guide. Today, we have no mentors but plenty of critics, and we are expected to perform as women at a much higher level than ever before. Do we wonder why postpartum depression brings so many women down? We are being robbed of this amazing experience of being a mom because we are not prepared. It’s time to rise together and build a Catholic network of mentor moms.

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