Kate Capato

Kate Capato


Kate Capato grew up with a passion for mission and the arts. It was only in Italy that studying sacred art taught her the power of beauty to speak truth and goodness. Today, she serves as a missionary of beauty through sacred painting, dance, and photography – a Visual Grace Artist.

Short Bio

Kate Capato

Visual Grace artist, Kate Capato, is an artist with a deep vision who seeks to share authentic beauty that captivates the soul. As a Sacred painter, Natural Light Photographer, and Contemporary Dance Choreographer, she artistically brings to life Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Kate often finds herself across distant nations serving and learning much from the stories of diverse men and women. In her travels to India, Europe, Lebanon and throughout the states, she has tasted the powerful effects of beauty and, on the contrary, the cold conditions in its absence. 

Equally transformed by the writings of St. John Paul II, The Theology of The Body, Kate is awestruck by how intricately woven we are as children of the Creator and how all of creation is singing a love song revealing our identity and purpose.

Inspired, Kate boldly partakes in the restoration of our culture and the restoration of who we are as Man and Woman through the sharing of all things true, good, and beautiful.

Encounter the Divine

Signature Talk | Adults

Learn about the Power of Beauty and be reminded of who you are and who you are called to be. An introduction to Beauty combined with a prayerful experience with Kate’s original Sacred Art Paintings and Music. (1hr minimum. Musicians Needed.)

Beauty and Our Identity


A look into the Theology of the Body through the lens of art and beauty.

Discovering Our Lady Through Art and Beauty


A deeper look into who Mary is through the language of art.


Thank you so much for your beautiful presentation tonight. I am still so moved. I was so at peace it brought me to tears. Your art is stunningly beautiful and I love all of the symbolism it portrays.

Catholic Quest

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom on beauty and life. Your testimony is one of the most important lenses we need to truly understand the message of Humane Vitae.

Bill Donahy - Theology of the Body Institute

Kate Capato is a faith-filled apostle of beauty who shares the wonder of God’s plan for life and love through her dance, her painting, her photography and through her very life. It’s a privilege to know this young woman who is truly a part of the much needed New Renaissance of sacred art in the Church today.

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