Kendra Von Esh

Kendra Von Esh

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Kendra bought into what this world said would make her happy – money, prestige, power, pleasure and bought into the culture of ‘me’ … Then God found her and flipped her reality upside down and changed everything in her life.

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Kendra Von Esh

Kendra Von Esh is known for her contagious joy as she speaks of her reversion to the faith and the sacramental graces of the Catholic Church. As an executive for decades, Kendra has years of experience on global stages as a speaker, panelist, facilitator and master of ceremonies. She is an entertainer by nature. Her humorous down-to-earth style sprinkled with her raw vulnerability wins over audiences as she evangelizes and inspires them to deepen their relationship with God and the Faith.

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Kendra travels internationally to speak at Men’s and Women’s Conferences, Youth and Business Leadership Events. She leads retreats, parish missions and presbyter’s diocesan events for the clergy.

Kendra openly shares the sacramental graces and spiritual experiences in her journey including her 26 year return to confession, the power of the Eucharist, Holy Spirit gifts and charisms, miracle healing of addiction through Marian Consecration, deliverance and practical ways to deepen your relationship with God through prayer.

Kendra Von Esh has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern Illinois University and has been an Executive Technology Leader for 20 years ending as a Chief Information Officer for a $1.5 Billion environmental company. She was an Executive Advisor for a Silicon Valley software company in her latest corporate role where she enhanced her speaking talents on large international stages.

In early 2018, Kendra left her executive career in Corporate America to evangelize the world by leveraging technology, platforms and all forms of media. In addition to speaking, she is a social media enthusiast, daily podcaster, vlogger, blogger and YouTube junkie. Kendra believes that we are not meant to walk alone and leverages all media to walk together with everyone on the journey.

Kendra offers Faith Coaching, a 40-day video prayer program, free prayer guides and weekly video emails inspiring her ever expanding global tribe of Truth Seekers. She inspires her listeners to put on Jesus every day in her 10-minute Daily podcast “Reality Reflections” also carried on She is certified in Unbound Ministry focusing on the love of Jesus, the children of God and the Gospel. On the horizon she will lead live webinars, online retreats and national conferences using technology to ensure every event is a unique experience. Her pilgrimage will soon be rescheduled.

Kendra hosts a live weekly radio show for Radio Maria – “Find Something More – Find Your Way Home” with co-host Christine Watkins discussing the reality of life and living our faith in today’s culture. The live show is posted on YouTube. She is a guest-host for an hour live radio show “Winds of Change” in Chicago. She also records weekly radio reflections aired on radio stations across the nation. Kendra was the former News Anchor for Shalom World TV News, a Catholic Media Company, and is featured in a Shalom World TV short film production – Jesus My Savior. She is a columnist for Catholic Stand, Carpeverbum contributor and authored her own spiritual journey in her Amazon Best Seller book, “Am I Catholic?” A Struggle with Faith, Humility and Surrendering to God which is available on Audible (narrated by Kendra), Kindle, paperback and hard cover.

Kendra is a regular guest on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air, A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas, On the Front Porch, The Dan Cheely Show, Jon Leonetti in the Morning and Young Catholics Respond. She has been featured on Bear Woznick’s Great Adventure, CBS, EWTN Radio, Hollywood Times, Formidable Woman, Catholic Vitamins, Mater Dei Radio, Tony Agnesi’s Storyteller, The Guadalupe Radio Network, The Positive Side on RVNTV.TV, Off The Shelf with Pete Socks, Hope Within, Driving Home the Faith, Your Prayer Intensions and many podcasts.

Most importantly, Kendra is happily and sacramentally married to her husband, Jeff and has two stepchildren who have witnessed the miraculous grace of God in her life and are her biggest supporters. Praise God and may He bless you in abundance.


Find Something More

Signature Talk | Adults

Kendra bought into what this world said would make her happy – money, prestige, power, pleasure and bought into the culture of ‘me’ … Then God found her and flipped her reality upside down and changed everything in her life.

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Join Kendra as she shares her supernatural confession after 26 years with many mortal sins and the sacramental graces that pivoted her life.
Her transformation was so miraculous she left her Executive Career to help others deepen their relationship with God and find TRUE acceptance, love, peace and joy.

She finally found the truth of the Catholic Faith and her passion to help everyone Find Something More!

The Meaning of Life


Your life is a spiritual battle for your soul. Are you using all the weapons to win the war?

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Every day evil tries to steal your soul. Are you making the daily commitment to fight through prayer, sacraments and deliverance? Kendra shares her spiritual battles and what she learned from spiritual direction, saints and exorcist priests to help you fight and win the war!

My Miracle Healing from Addiction

Adults | Youth 

I was healed of my 20 year addiction to marijuana on the day of my consecration to Jesus through Mary!

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Our Lady of Guadalupe feast day changed my life in 2013 when Mary took my pitiful self to Jesus and asked him to heal me. I was months into my journey at 42 years old and I was learning the Faith. I struggled to understand Mary’s role in the Church but heard about Marian Consecration and that she was the fastest way to Jesus. So, I thought I would try it – I had no idea what she had in store for me!

Rev. Francis J. Hoffman (Fr. Rocky), Executive Director / CEO of Relevant Radio

“Kendra Von Esh overflows with enthusiasm and passion as she tells of her recent conversion and reversion and immersion into the Catholic faith! Her joy is contagious.”

Michael Kendall Chief Programming Officer, Relevant Radio

“Kendra is a passionate and engaging speaker. Relevant Radio recently invited her to speak at our event to share her personal journey to the faith. It was apparent from the beginning of her presentation, Kendra’s professional background in the business world makes her comfortable speaking in front of large audiences. Soon, she had our listeners and supporters leaning forward in their chairs, hanging on every word of her story of conversion. By sharing the critical role Relevant Radio played in her faith journey, Kendra gave the audience that day an invested interest in her story. Suddenly, they became characters in her true tale of conversion.”

“Storytelling is both an art and a science. The ability to tell great stories, especially true stories, is a gift. Kendra has that gift.”

Father Parker, Pastor of Holy Cross Church, Batavia

We were so blessed to have Kendra Von Esh at our parish this Lent. She gave a wonderful joy-filled witness that touched the hearts of my parishioners. Her zeal and energy are contagious. She reminded us of a basic truth, we lose nothing when we give our lives to Jesus Christ, in fact, He deeply enriches us.

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Am I Catholic?: A Struggle with Faith, Humility, and Surrendering to God

Join Kendra as she recounts the struggles, triumphs and “God-incidences” that paved her way from the back pew to a state of grace, peace, and joy that can only come from the Catholic Church and a personal relationship with God.

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