Nicole Flynn

Nicole Flynn

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Nicole is a die-hard survivor after enduring years of childhood abuse and a catastrophic accident that led to traumatic brain injury. Today she is proud mother of five, wife to Brenden, and loves to serve the Lord by sharing her testimony. With faith, anything is possible.

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Nicole Flynn

Nicole is survivor, to say the least, and feels it is her life’s mission to be a wife, mother and servant by sharing her faith-based life story.

She is able to speak from experience when she tells people that life is not easy. She had a less-than-ideal childhood and adolescence, which were topped by her near-death accident. It gave her a traumatic brain injury, and gait impairment.

She offers hope to anyone who has found themselves in less than desirable circumstances, and offers various talks on multiple topics. She speaks on peer pressure, narcissism, prayer, her faith conversion, and natural family planning.

She has appeared on EWTN, numerous pro life conferences, and retreats, as well as numerous schools.

Her success story leaves people inspired to stay strong, hopeful and motivated no matter what they go through in life.

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Set the World on Fire-

Signature Talk | Teens

Nicole’s testimony, speaking to people’s life struggles. Get encouragement to take what you’ve learned and combine with your faith. Allow the Holy Spirit to use them to counsel you, and encourage others both within and outside the Church.


Young Adults

Nicole’s life story which offers hope and proves that with faith nothing can break you. You should use your experiences to mold and strengthen you.

Body Beautiful


Nicole unveils her struggles with self consciousness, what it means to have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and the beauty and holiness she has found in her pain.


“Your talk was very inspiring and I can relate to both of your stories. It gives me a lot of hope. You are both beautiful people. Thank you for your time. Good luck with everything.”

Talk Attendee

“This talk has really opened my eyes and was extremely heartwarming. I took out of this talk that life gets hard, but you have to push through. Things will get better, and there is a reason for everything that happens.”

Talk Attende

“I learned that no matter how bad you have it something good can come out of that situation. Also I can change my life even if I’m not in the best position. I also learned you’re the cutest couple ever.”

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