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Sam Halligan serves as Assistant Director of Programming and Outreach at the Damascus Catholic Mission Campus, Centerburg, Ohio. Sam brings orthodox Catholic theology and youthful energy together to provide a dynamic and vibrant event to your parish.

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Sam Halligan

Sam Halligan serves on staff at Damascus Catholic Mission Campus in Centerburg, Ohio as the Assistant Director of Programming and Outreach. He has a hunger to see the entire church live out the fullness of Her identity as the bride of Christ.

Sam is a dynamic speaker and evangelist who aims to convict the hearts of His listeners to come to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. As a 2017 graduate of Benedictine College earning a degree in Evangelization and Catechesis (Atchison, KS) and as a graduate of the Damascus Catholic Mission Campus School of Missionary Discipleship (’19), Sam brings orthodox Catholic theology and youthful energy together to provide a dynamic and vibrant event to your parish.

The Call of the Catholic

Signature Talk | Adults

The call of the Catholic is not merely to go to Mass Sunday after Sunday to experience heaven on earth, but it is to receive heaven on earth in order to bring heaven to earth where ever you walk.

Form without Power


The acts of the apostles didn’t stop when Luke stopped writing to Theophilus, the acts of the apostles is still alive today. Each of us has a calling and a part to play in the body of Christ. Ephesians 4 tells us of the 5 fold ministry (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher). What would it look like if we as Catholics powerfully lived out our callings as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers today!

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The talk outlines Salvation History, which is the story of God’s covenants with man fulfilled in Jesus as the Everlasting Covenant. This provides the context for the Church Jesus has established, what our roles are, and what our relationship with Him can look like personally.

The Great Adventure


Everyone desires and hungers for adventure, it is innate to the human heart. However, people seek adventure in all certain ways, specifically the youth. Generation Z, the current generation of high schoolers seeks adventure in so many ways apart from God and it is leading to a Mass exodus. What if youth found an adventure worth living for in:
1. A relationship with God.
2. Living in their Identity as a Son or Daughter of God. and
3. Living out a mission that only they can do.

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