Taylor Schroll

Taylor Schroll

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Taylor is the founder of Forte Catholic where he is a speaker, worship leader, podcast/radio host. His mission is to “Make Catholicism Fun Again” by sharing the Joy of the Gospel in all that he does.

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Taylor Schroll

Taylor Schroll is a dynamic, up and coming Catholic speaker, worship leader & radio/podcast host at Forte Catholic. He has been in ministry for over 10 years and loves to share his God-given gifts to spread the Gospel. Pope Francis once said, “There are Christians whose lives seem like Lent without Easter.” Taylor’s goal is to help bring the joy of the Gospel back into the Catholic faith that he loves and thus his motto is #MakeCatholicismFunAgain. He draws people in with comedy, joy and stories and then leads them into a real encounter with Christ.

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No matter where the people of your community are in their walk with Christ, Taylor can inspire and invite them to take the next step in their faith journey. In regards to his musical ability, Taylor is a professionally trained vocalist and guitarist but more importantly, he has a true gift for leading worship. Through the combination of experience, powerful vocals and attunement to the Holy Spirit, Taylor has lead thousands into intimate times of prayer through music.

 Taylor holds two bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and Music Industry. He has also completed half of the work towards a Masters in Theology & Catechetics. He has had the privilege of speaking and leading worship at retreats, youth nights, Catholic school events, youth conferences, men’s conferences, parish missions, ministry leader trainings, nights of worship & more. Some highlights have been 6 Fullness of Truth Conferences in Texas, 4 Youth Explosion Conferences in San Antonio, & the Diocesan Youth Conferences of Austin(Texas), Sioux City(Iowa), Burlington(VT) & Steubenville(Ohio), the Sioux City Men’s Conference & the Dallas Ministry Conference.

He is also a popular radio/podcast host and his show, Forte Catholic, was nominated for Catholic Podcast of the Year by the Fisher’s Net Awards in 2018.

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Signature Talk | Teens

One of the biggest struggles we all have in our faith is complacency. We know what we should do but for whatever reason we can’t bring ourselves to do it. How do we get over the hump? We will look to the story of the Rich Young Man for an answer.

Victory in Christ

Young Adults | Youth

Jesus won the victory for us on the cross, so why do so many Christians walk around feeling defeated all the time?



All of us experience times where we feel close to God and times where He feels distant. We will talk about having our faith ignited in tough times, set ablaze in times of growth and spreading like wildfire in living out the Great Commission.

Fr. Bob Hogan, BBD, Director of the Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal, San Antonio; National speaker, educator, theologian, spiritual renewal.

“I have worked with Taylor Schroll on a number of occasions. He is an excellent musician, singer, evangelist and speaker. He works very well with people, and is effective with youth, young adults and adults. He is respectful, engaging, and has a joyful faith. His teaching is solidly Catholic. I recommend him and his ministry.”

Fred Shellabarger, Director of Evangelization, Catechesis & Family Life, Diocese of Sioux City

“We were blessed to have Taylor join us for our annual Diocesan Youth Conference, where he ministered to hundreds of our youth. Taylor is a passionate, dynamic and engaging speaker who has an incredible ability to meet youth where they are; to connect with them in a genuine and heartfelt way, and to proclaim to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that moves the heart and inspires greater faith. Added to this, he is a gifted worship leader that carries with him the joy of the Gospel.”

Fr. Will Combs, BBD, Parochial Vicar of St. Mary Magdalen, San Antonio.

“Taylor Schroll has a beautiful heart for worship, for the youth, for our Catholic faith, for the Lord! Taylor served with us religious brothers in San Antonio for various youth and young adult events. I gladly bless his blog and pray that all his viewers be inspired with the fire, light and heart of our awesome God.”

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