Tony Vasinda

Tony Vasinda

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Tony is a beard balm magnate, game designer, and missionary who lives and works in Philladelphia PA with his wife and 4 kids. He left 20 years of parish ministry to found The House of Broken Loaves last year.

Catholic Balm Co

Catholic Balm Co has grown bigger than we ever imagined – and this is only the beginning.

The best part: the money we make from all Catholic Balm Co products goes to directly support our work with Catholic youth ministers: Click here to find out more.

Because we love Catholic youth ministers.

House of Broken Loaves

We are seeking nothing less that the transformation of the world.

It’s a big goal, but it’s something we have been dreaming about for a long time and we want you to be part of making it happen. 

We think everyone deserves to become the people they were created to be. We believe the number one external action we can do to help that happen is to simply love and care for our neighbors, literally. We started to wonder what would happen if a family or household lived as if the love and active care of their neighbors was one of their most significant callings?

To know them. To care for them. To love them.

The House of Broken Loaves is our family’s attempt to change the world by living this way. 

A Post-Christian Mission

Signature Talk | Adults

Tony speaks regularly on living out the missional nature of the church in a Post Christian context.

Kerygma: Being a Disciple Today


Tony trains parish staff and leaders across the country on the essential nature of the Kerygma, and how to create simple and effective pathways for discipleship.

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