Online events, shows, and marketing for Catholic speakers. 

We help you build your audience by hosting online events. Then we help you grow your message with your own show. As easy as calling in, or sending us the audio files. You bring the talent, and we handle the tech.


Faithful Catholics

We deeply believe in the mystical reality of the Catholic Church and the magisterium.


Professional Marketers

We’ve spent decades in the secular world, building brands and growing business. 


Online Savvy

We handle the details so that you just show up and shine. Online, anywhere.

Does technology give you anxiety?

smartCatholics makes it easy for you to reach new people, grow your apostolate, and be more successful.

Catholic speakers today have 3 options:

  • Join a bureau and hope for speaking events (takes time).
  • Get on a conference circuit (expensive).
  • Go it alone (lengthy and expensive).

Doing marketing just isn’t your strength. Speaking is. 

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We believe that a rising tide raises all ships. Just like you.

SmartCatholics is your new option. Collaborate with other speakers and Catholic marketers for online events. Together, we help each other grow our audiences.

All people want is a reason to stay engaged with you.

Creating content – like a podcast, vidcast, blog series, course, or social series – is how you connect and engage with them. 

The world needs what you have to share! Start any time with these:

Directory Page

Put everything in one place to improve signups, donations, and requests.

Free with membership

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Sometimes updating your website is a problem. Or your branding makes you look bad. 

When you join the smartCatholic directory, you’re our first pick for panels and content series. 

Most importantly, your page is the one place we’ll always link to – because it’s super easy for people to meet you, sign up, choose to donate, and follow you on social media. 

Accelerate your speaking ministry.


Stand out and look consistent everywhere. Get a branding kit and style guide.


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Your brand should look consistent and beautiful everywhere. 

Whether you’re making graphics in Canva, or paying someone to design your posters and product covers, establish a design style so that you stand out. 

Graphic Design

Professional design for your book covers, flyers, posters, and products. 

~ $100 p/project

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Catholics are like everyone else today: if something looks beautiful and professional, they’ll pay for it. 

Dated or bad design reflects poorly on the power of your message. 

Meet all your design needs, whether you want templates for Canva, InDesign files for your team, or just want everything handled. 

Starter Website

Get a simple, powerful website that you can update, or own.  

With membership, $100 


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You can build your own website, but you don’t know where to start. And you’re not sure if it works. Most importantly, you don’t want to spend the time.

Get a simple, beautiful smartCatholic starter site to help you grow your mailing list, collect donations, and build your audience. 

Want more, or a custom design? Talk to us today. 

Once you’re in our directory, here’s what we can do together:

Launch your podcast

Start Season 1 of your new series. Just send us the audio, we’ll handle the rest.

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Starting a podcast is absolutely something you can do – if you have the time and energy. 

The simplest option is to record with, or upload a file to  Soundcloud. 

A SmartCatholic podcast comes with

  • Strategy, branding, and design 
  • Up to 3 quote graphics per episode
  • Transcription and audio editing
  • Each episode is distributed to streaming sites
  • Audiograms ( 15second video snippets of the episode)
  • Embed a beautiful audio player
  • Shared with the smartCatholics community, and your audience.


Launch your vidcast

It’s like a podcast, with video. You call in to the online studio. We handle the rest.

More details

Video creates an instant connection with your audience. So if you’re nervous about starting Season 1 of your video series, or want it to look better than just going live, ask about our smartCatholic vidcasts.

We’ll handle the design and the editing to give you a simple, beautiful show. You just need to call in with your webcam, or host an interview. 

 We’ll handle the intro and outro, transcript, show notes, and publish to our Youtube channel.  

Fundraising Help

Pitch your show idea for help with fundraising.

More details

Send us a message to pitch your idea for a show, course, or video series. 

If we decide it’s a good idea too, then we’ll help. 

For free, we’ll set you up on our directory. We’ll walk you through getting a donation program together. 

Now you’ll have somewhere to send friends and fans who can support you, or even Catholic sponsors. 

We’ll share it with the smartCatholic community. Once the fundraising goal is met, we can start the project!

Enriched Posts

Improve your blog articles with quote graphics, your audio recording, and more.

More details

When you write a blog post for smartCatholic, we’ll enrich it with up to 3 quote graphics, and a header graphic – with your branding. 

These are perfect for sharing on Facebook and Instagram, and give you more content to show up and connect with your audience. 

After it’s gone live on our blog, you can post it on your own. 

Social Media Support

We send updates to your fans when you have a new episode, or guest appearance.

More details

Once you’re in our directory, we invite you to give us access to your Facebook page. 

This way, every time one of your new podcast, show episode, or guest appearances is released, we share that with your fans, and our community.

You then just show up and keep the conversations going with people. 


Flat-rate Monthly Plans

Whether you collaborate with smartCatholics to create your show, course, or podcast, you own your content.

Plan 1

$25 p/month

  • Get your Ministry page
  • Our first pick for virtual summits and online events.
  • Featured posts
  • Social Media support

Priests and religious get in free!

Plan 2
launch your show

$325 p/month

  • Everything in Plan 1
  • Design & Branding
    Strategy session and a branding kit. Get professionally designed templates you can edit.
  • Launch your Show
    Get strategy for your show, branding, editing, hosting, and promotional materials. Just send us the audio files, or call in to our online video studio.
  • Ask about fundraising help!

Plan 3
grow your apostolate

$560 p/month

  • This plan is a 4-month minimum.
  • Everything in Plan 2
  • Your own website
    Build a custom website. Includes strategy, monthly maintenance, and an online store. 
  • Courses
    Convert your talks into online courses that you can sell – royalty free.
  • Editing
    Professional copy editing support so that everything you write is clear and easy to read.

That’s it. No hidden fees. No royalties. Cancel anytime.

We don’t want to profit from your success. We just want to serve you. Everything you make is yours; course sales, event tickets, consulting, your store, etc. 

Why join SmartCatholic?

We’re marketers looking to help Catholic speakers thrive. We’re your team of specialists, and we’re ready to go to work for you. We focus on collaborations, so that you grow your audience, distribute talks, create courses, and sell consulting.

Unsure where to start? Talk to a friendly Catholic ready to help!