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online recording studio

The easiest way for Catholic creators to press a link, record your show, and get it published. No downloads. Studio quality. Run by Catholics.  

shows already being produced by this studio

SmartCatholics Mastermind
YouTube Show

The CatholicAuthor Show – YouTube series & podcast

Pope Francis Generation

Pope Francis Generation
– YouTube & Podcast

Pope Francis Generation

Just Write Already

you’re busy. so we made it unbelievably easy

You’re always on the verge of launching a show, a way to create exciting, human connections. But… the thought of all the extra work editing, post-production, and maybe marketing holds you back. Here’s how we help:

Step 1: your pitch

Share your idea for a  show. Get it professionally designed.

Step 2: schedule

Follow a link to the online studio, and record your episode.

Step 3: publish

We produce the files and send them to you. Or publish them to your channel.

Currently in beta!

friends don’t let friends record shows in Zoom…

Pick a plan to press a link, show up and record, and return to your day!

Everything is handled.

(Prices will go up in the future – but for a limited time, they’re low while we’re building this out.) 

Smart Podcast

$25 p/episode


  • 4 episode recording sessions  
  • Brand & publish 1 episode per week  
  • Free podcast hosting account
  • No editing (only trimming)


  • $100 Show Design & Branding
  • $25 Podcast account setup


  • $2 60-second soundbite


Smart Vodcast

$35 p/episode


  • 4 episode recording sessions
  • Brand & publish 1 episode per week to YouTube, or files sent to you
  • No editing (only trimming)


  • $100 Show Design & Branding
  • $2 60-second episode social video


  • $5 Simple logo intro video


Smart Custom

TBD p/month

  • Looking for more recording hours?
  • Want more flexibility with editing?
  • Want to release more than 1 episode per week?

Ask us today how we can serve you with extra features – like detailed editing, audio mastering, sponsored messages, and even an original music stinger for your show.

Scroll down this page to browse extra options.


seriously? yes, it’s that easy.

"Don't I need a professional camera, lighting, and microphone?"

Good equipment does create a better experience for listeners. You can stay on a budget and get good sound quality.

"Can I record with a guest?"

Yes! up to 5 guests. We recommend 1-3 at a time. But ask us!

"I want to do this special request..."

Just ask. We can also work some simple magic. 

hear that? that’s the sound of free time calling…

Time to get excited about making a show, and getting the word out. 

SmartCatholics Studio is a service for busy, non-techy Catholic speakers and impact makers to record shows on any topic

Create a podcast or a show to turn your audience from merely interested to active and engaged, grow your impact, and make a real human connection!

You’re excited at the vision of a podcast or video series to connect with people.

But does this sound like you?


You don’t know how to start 


You don’t know how to edit media


You don’t have any support


You don’t have an audience


You’re incredibly busy


You can’t decide on a software

When you have a process to easily create enjoyable episodes, a plan to grow your impact, and access to a ready-made Catholic audience, you’re unstoppable. Captivate with the most human kind of content, and grow your ministry.


Schedule and record when you want


Get started with our proven, templated episode process


Get professional production support


Launch to a growing audience


Never deal with software or issues – or pay for them either!


Stop delaying, get launching

a proven process

Hi, I’m Dominic, founder of SmartCatholics. Like you, I’m incredibly busy, but feel an ongoing need to create video series and shows. I love the magic of live conversation – and so do our audiences!

So I created a simple, rinse-and-repeat process that’s allowed me to keep putting videos out there. A process that’s low-pressure, low-maintenance, and makes me look like I’m hiring a production studio.

It’s all about finding the simplest path, with the least amount of work. And after 3 shows, I want to help you with yours.


studio quality features

All video recording is in 1080 HD. The clearest possible audio. And beautiful thumbnail design.

All at an incredible opening rate.

1 Episode Recording

Schedule your recording session, or invite up to 3 guests. Editing only covers trimming tip and tail.

Batch record your episodes!

$25 per episode

Basic Editing

Get extra editing support per episode, including trimming, audio mastering, and your animated logo intro.

$35+ per episode

Advanced Editing

Ask us today about your specific needs with your episode.

TBD per episode

recommended setup options

Graphic Design

Meet with Dominic to create your show branding, and get hand-crafted templates so that you look amazing. 

$100 one-time fee

Podcast upload

We set up free hosting for your podcast, and handle the details of publishing your audio to major podcast networks.

$50 setup one-time fee

extra options

Advanced logo animation

Want that little extra magic for your show? Ask us today.


Social media management

Get a virtual assistant to share your episodes on social media, post to your SmartCatholics group, and create beautiful quote graphics. 

$100 per month

Basic Video Intro

Get a simple, 3 second video animation of your show design.


Video Snippets

Extract punchy, shareable video snippets from your show, perfect for sharing on social media. 1 minute long.

$2 per snippet

Advanced video editing

Looking for special overlays, music, and animation? Just ask us today.


SmartCatholics bonus


Original programming?

SmartCatholics is launching this service as a way to create more of the content we want to see in the world. To promote resources to renew hope, and the vision of our Holy Father Pope Francis.

We have a community of 4500+ members, and a mailing list of 10,000+ Catholics worldwide.

Interested in collaborating with SmartCatholics, and having your show hosted on our YouTube channel? Want to be promoted in our weekly newsletter as official, SmartCatholics programming?

Ask us today. We’d love to hear your idea!


meet your studio team

Dominic de Souza

Founder of SmartCatholics, professional in graphic design, branding, and marketing.

Jay Beckmeyer

Since age 12, Jay has been pursuing personal music projects as well as producing media for The Catholic Homeschool Podcast, The Catholic Homeschool Conferences, and the Catholic Homeschool Community.

Pitch your show 

Ask us today how we can help you with your show.

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