The 9 keys to being a ‘magnetic Catholic’

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We have a pretty good idea what it means to be Catholic. At least we hope.

But what does it mean to be magnetic?

  • Does it mean we need to take classes in charisma?
  • Are we supposed to be influencers?
  • Do we need to add more social activities to our calendar?

Not at all.

In a nutshell; a magnetic Catholic someone who tries to live fully in Christ, so that we become like a monstrance. We live, not just us, but Christ lives in us. And we love our neighbors as ourselves.

We become Christ’s hands and feet and heart to our world. This article highlights 9 areas we must focus on to be magnetic Catholics: authenticity, confidence, joy, knowing your stuff, active listening, optimism, imagination, and a sense of humor.

These 9 ingredients make up a magnetic Catholic.

How do we become a magnetic Catholic?

Think about this quote: no one cares about what you know until they know that you care. 

If you feel you can’t have dinner with each person you meet, and your discussions want to devolve into arguments where everyone is looking for mic drop moments, then we’ve already lost.

We may be telling the truth, and knowing all things, but there is no love for the person. And the hidden, silent audience of bystanders are not being won over.

While everyone may not remember what you say, they will remember how you made them feel. 

At no point should we hide the beauty of the truth. But we must take care that our lives center on more than what is just good and true.

Our lives must also be beautiful. That means that the wineskin, or the vessel, carrying the truth and goodness it itself attractive. How we are as people is just as important as the message.

Because then people will believe that what we say must be true, because they see it in us through and through.

Here are a couple of key personality traits we’re called to have as Catholics – especially in the modern world:

Authentic: We’re not pretending. We really mean what we believe. The person you meet on Sunday is the same person during the week, online, and at work.  This kind of honesty and transparency is unique. Trust flows more easily when we’re sincere.

Confidence: Arrogance is not confidence. Many people confuse the two, and these kinds of people crash and burn. Confidence doesn’t mean having all the answers. It does mean that you know who you are. Perhaps you’re happy with who you are. Your whole attitude holds fast to your dignity as a person. You prefer to lift others up without worrying about the cost.

Well Spoken: A Catholic who can communicate well stands out. Many of us struggle to articulate what we think, and so we look for people who can say what’s on our hearts. Choose your words carefully, and speak with confidence and sincerity.  Being magnetic is not just what you say, but how you say it.

Joy: Joy is contagious, like laughter. If your personality brings plenty of energy, embrace it. Keep things moving by being inspirational.  Don’t wait for things to happen, but take action. Be a brave and merry leader.

Active Listening: Everyone hungers to be seen, heard, and understood. Especially online. So when you take the time to focus carefully on what people say, and appreciate who they are, they will in turn ‘tune in’ to you. We all like to be liked. Be generous out the gate, and offer your attention first.

Know your Stuff: Always be learning so that you have relevant insights to make. Whether its current affairs, popular media, or the spiritual life, identify the sources you can trust to follow. This helps you avoid sharing your opinion, and instead speaking with more authority and confidence.

Optimism: Cultivate an positive outlook. We love people who see the best in us, and help us find the silver lining. We all suffer from dark days and pessimism. We’re often leery of an optimist who can’t engage with difficult realities. Stay grounded, but nurture the ‘God-view’ of history and events, looking for the ways that God might be working with even the toughest moments.

Imagination: Humans love routines, and we also love holidays. So fresh insights into ordinary moments are always welcome. Creativity breeds more creativity, especially when we encourage others to share their ideas. When we cultivate imagination in others, we build a more exciting future. We come alive as we recognize that we are not meant settle and be passive. We’re called to take action.

Sense of Humor: Everyone loves to laugh, and enjoys folk who make them laugh. We all have our own style – not everyone is a standup comic. A sense of humor often comes easily when  you live from a sense of confidence, joy, and optimism. Your heart is freed up to take things more lightly. Somber, sarcastic Christians struggle to inspire souls. But humor, in all its infinite forms, is instantly engaging.

Here are some responses from the SmartCatholics community:

What is a ‘magnetic Catholic’?

Simple, someone who pulls others to want to be Catholic too. – B

Joy and compassion are magnets that comes straight from the heart of God. So…a person who prays well becomes like the Father and you see his or her joy and compassion. – S

Radiates peaceful joy, empathises without platitudes, cares deeply about fellow humans, acts generously and humbly, loves their faith and seeks to share it as the opportunities arise! – G

A Catholic who attracts others by having deep spiritual joy, grace, and a complete love of Christ in the Catholic faith. – P

A magnetic Catholic to me is when everyone looks at you they see Jesus Christ. In your actions, your words your, acts service, your love, forgiveness, your smile, and your heart. The Holy Spirit shines so bright within you you radiate unto others “Jesus” – M


We’re all called to be the best versions of ourselves.

And when we start trying to live our story, and the story of Christ, with these kinds of tips in mind, we can’t help but become likeable.

We start to attract people. We start to become winning personalities, because we are no longer focused on ourselves. We are focused on the presence of Christ in friend, stranger, and foe.

We become willing witnesses, living from a sense of Christ-like love.

We become magnetic Catholics.

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Richard Wyatt

Great article- thanks!

Dominic de Souza | Founder of SmartCatholics
SmartCatholics | Marketer & storyteller. Geeks over epics, mystics, science, the angelic, & Netflix.

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