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Unlimited Catholic: A mastermind for indie Catholic Creators

Stories, seminars, & masterminds for indie Catholic creators, new leaders, and entrepreneurs. Together, let’s re-invent how small Catholic ministries can thrive, grow, and collaborate.

What does life look like for an unlimited Catholic?

On February 27-28, 2021, we’re coming together to start a new, much-needed discussion: your call to business! Everyone is welcome!

Together, we’re discussing how Catholics startups, ministry leaders, and entrepreneurs can thrive with vocation-based business, or ministry. Business is an extension of who you are. Together with friends, let’s share and mastermind how we create freedom to do good.  Keep reading…

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Welcome Letter from Dominic de Souza

Are you a wildly-passionate small ministry? Entrepreneur? Indie creator?

Are you struggling to devote yourself to ministry, and answer the call to share inspiring Catholic content?

You’re not alone.

In fact, this global pandemic has forced many of us to rethink our priorities. Among Catholics, we’re realizing that we can turn our side projects or ministries into programs. 

And income!

Let me share with you my crazy idea for 2021. I have no idea where it can go. But when we bring passionate people together to mastermind ideas… incredible things can happen. 

Sharing your excitement makes friends. And when friends work together, dreams come alive.

  • But, do words like ‘marketing’ fill you with social anxiety?
  • Do you keep putting off your promotions?
  • Are you on fire with the faith, but can’t find a focus?

Again, you’re not alone.

Everywhere we turn, we see brands (secular and Catholic!) in a race to the bottom. Fighting for things like ‘market share,’ instead of meaning. Profits before people. Success before storytelling.

And everyone is burned out and turned off.

But like a seed pushing tendrils through cracked concrete, Christian ideas continue to change the world.

Brands are fast realizing that billion-dollar marketing plans lack something. Something we Catholics have been gifted in spades:

Vision. Meaning. Purpose.

As Catholics, we understand that we’re playing a different game. An infinite game. Our businesses don’t just score a piece of pie. We’re building a kingdom, and then passing on the torch.

The game is infinite, and the players change. When we realize this, we understand we have to change our mindsets. Change our manuals.

We need to think and work like Unlimited Catholics.

We can tap into the unlimited creativity that comes from building stronger, more innovative, more inspiring brands.

Our world is not a flatland with a checkout lane for Heaven. It’s a multi-dimensional galaxy, where supernatural realities are just as active as supermarkets and rallies. Angels, saints, patrons, and our past family members are all standing by ready to go to work with us.

We have to stop living with limited mindsets, and zero-sum games. If God is creating the universe in every instant, then we can trust that he will support the call he placed in  your heart.

When we start to live as unlimited Catholics, we find freedom. Hope. Patience. Excitement. And the courage to endure.

We can pay it forward, take risks, and dive into the deep.

Unlimited Catholics know that the future lies in valuing the human person, prioritizing the good over goods, and being smart about building a wildly-passionate brand.

Making income is how we stay in the game. It’s how we do good. And it’s our way of serving Christ in the world.

Your passion just might be your personal path to Heaven. In fact, that’s exactly what it is.

Join us, and brainstorm  ways to delight your fans. Hear stories of successful startups. Find out how to tap into the unlimited free marketing that comes from sharing passion. Discover mentors and like-minded ministers.

When brands stand out and spellbind, fans get excited to keep the dream alive.

And when you live like an unlimited Catholic, you can count on unlimited grace.

I have no idea where this Unlimited Catholic mastermind can go. But together, we can figure it out.

See you there,


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