For the Catholic speaker, consultant and startup who struggles to transform from hobby to ministry

Get rid of your anxiety and accelerate your impact, and watch as your email list grows, you get more interviews, and more Catholics want to work with you. All without cold-calling strangers or a single cent in ads.

The Church of today needs more than yesterday’s guides. Every generation must renew the teachings and insights with fresh voices and stories. But there’s a problem:
‘Marketing’ makes you anxious
You don’t have a lot of time
You don’t have any support
You don’t have an audience
You don’t have a network
You’re just starting out

When you have a ready-made Catholic audience, an easy marketing system, and a group to collaborate with, you’re unstoppable. Deliver even more value for Catholics, and grow your impact.

Marketing can be fun.

Yes. I said that.

There are a million gurus and courses promising you the easy life. All you have to do is something simple like… posting on social media.

But I know – and you do too – that it doesn’t work that easily. You’re incredibly busy, or you’re not a ‘techy’ person.

When it does work, marketing feels like a full time job (leaving you with no time to actually do what you love! )

You feel tired and alone. And wonder if you ever really had a ‘calling’ to create an impact.

Does that mean it’s time to let it go?

No. Absolutely not.

In fact, I think that marketing is like talking about your favorite book, or Netflix series. It comes naturally to you, because you love it. You know what you’re talking about. And you really think that they will enjoy it too.

So if you want to listen to the gurus telling you to hustle and grind and cold-call your way to success… God bless you!

But, wouldn’t it make more sense to connect with someone who’s gone through everything you’re feeling, who’s spent hundreds of hours chatting and learning, and made every mistake in the book?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to join a group full of other hungry-hearted Catholics passionate about creating an impact with their message?

And together, they’re solving the #1 problem all startups have – reaching the right audience in record time.

My name is Dominic de Souza,

and I want to invite you to something I’ve been slowly building since 2020. It’s a private group exclusively for Catholic speakers and creators. Together, we’re networking, marketing, and sharing insights.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t do it perfectly. It doesn’t matter if your time is limited. Or if you don’t have a decade of experience.

All that matters is that you seriously believe you have a message that God is calling you to share.

You don’t need a website, a funnel, a massive following, or video recording equipment.

And you don’t need to cold-pitch strangers, or spend money on ads.

It’s called the Catholics Leaders Network.

The reason I can make these promises, the reason I know this system works…

Is because I did it myself. I built my own Catholic brand from nothing, from being a no-name to now having a calendar full of livestream interviews and impact-making projects. That’s SmartCatholics.

The answer is through partnerships. A rising tide raises all ships. When everyone else shows up cap in hand, we show up gift in hand.

And when you lead with a gift, you start making friends. You find ways to help them grow their calling, help them reach more people.

You know what happens? They pay it back, or pay it forward. They make an effort to repay your kindness. They actually start opening your emails, reading your DMs, commenting on your posts.

And that’s without giving away all your stuff for free. Because that doesn’t work. 

But here’s the almost magical part that I can’t believe I can offer you:

The #1 problem every entrepreneur and impact maker faces is no audience. No idea how to find it. No idea how to grow it.

Or if you do, how to get them to actually engage.

And that’s what this group solves for you.


Because we have a Catholic audience. Tens of thousands of Catholics. A worldwide network of ordinary, faithful Catholics who want to learn. Who are looking for insights and leadership.

So you’re not only going to learn simple skills to connect with people faster, you’re also going to grow your impact with little to no effort. This audience has been primed for the kind of message you want to share. In short, I work to do the heavy lifting of bringing them together for you.

This frees up your time to focus on your message. On creating your content.

Allowing you to think about what’s next for your ministry.

So that you can take a little extra time to reflect and drink your morning coffee, without having to stress over how you’ll grow your audience.

 I can’t speak for you. But personally, once these things came together, I took Mondays off. I can have long weekends with my family whenever I want.

You’ll have your own way to celebrate and enjoy a little more freedom. You need it. Your mission needs it.

But first, if you’ve seen promises like this on your social feed, and you’re rightly skeptical about these promises…

You should be. I get it.

Everywhere you look, everyone is pushing advice they’ve never learned from, and tips that don’t work for your unique case.

As a Catholic, you’re doing this for different reasons than filling your bank account. That’s important, but not your #1 reason.

So what I’m sharing with this group brought me new friends and new clients that I could never have paid for.

It’s turned me into an authority on helping startups and Catholic entrepreneurs stand out, save time, and reach people.

More importantly, it’s why impact makers who work with me speed up their journey.

All I ask is you let me prove it to you.

I know how much of a drag it is to scour articles and videos, follow tutorials, test all kinds of technology, and throw up your hands at all the complexity.

And sadly, there’s almost no one out there curating insights for Catholic marketers.

The result?

We struggle. I myself felt the roller coaster of emotions from freelancing to finding any job, to just get medical insurance or pay bills.

But as I’m going to share with you, when I was at the end of my rope in 2020, I figured I had nothing to lose. So I tried a crazy idea, and stumbled into a powerful approach.

And I want to help you accelerate your impact and change your life for the better.

But actually, it’s not a new idea.

It’s how every network and publisher works behind the scenes! How every influencer becomes popular.

The difference? We’re not hustling in silos, fighting each other for pieces of a Catholic pie.

We’re helping each other out.

I’m confident that if it can work for me, a graphic designer and nerd who loves being Catholic – it can work for you.

So now you’re wondering, what’s the secret that makes this work so well?

Well, let me explain two things,

  • The reason why most Catholic impact-makers fail to reach people
  • and my simple fix for helping you make a difference transforming people’s lives

Like I said, my name’s Dominic de Souza, and I’m the founder of SmartCatholics.

SmartCatholics is one of the fastest-growing communities online to support Pope Francis, help Catholics regroup and re-center on a culture of kindness and learning.

In 2020, we hosted 15+ online conferences, and launched a community for 3500+ Catholics worldwide. And in that time, I’ve worked privately with all kinds of small speakers to help them make the most of their success and grow their impact.

But before any of that happened, I was hustling hard as a freelancer. A graphic designer and copywriter, to be exact.

Just like you, when it came to bringing in new clients, I would panic every single week.

I had no idea how to make it work. Of course, when I started freelancing, I read hundreds of hours of self-help books, and spent even more time on networks like Linkedin trying to learn the game.

But after 2 years, reality began to set in.

Try as hard as I might, I couldn’t get the clients I was looking for. I couldn’t grow my reach.

You want to know how many clients I got in the first year? 0.

I actually donated 3 free websites to clients just to get something in my portfolio that was my own. I lost money.

Anything good happening seemed to be pure luck.

And things were getting harder. I was reaching the end of my rope. Bordering on broke. I had no one to turn to, no referrals, nada.

I had to figure out something fast, but I couldn’t figure out what.

But I did have something. I did have that darndest streak of iron hope that I hadn’t yet tried everything.

  • Cold-calling or sending cold emails never worked. I even paid a Philippine virtual assistant to send 400 emails on my behalf. Nothing worked, and I felt icky doing it.
  • Paid ads were impossible. I was down to counting the dollars to keep up on bills.

Maybe you can relate. Perhaps you’ve sunk time and money into those options. But you know that the grind to make it work eats up as much as you put into it.

So I tried something counter-intuitive.

I figured that if I was having these problems, other people were too.

So now it was a matter of creating a way to help more people succeed the way I hoped to.

Having that mindset changed everything.

I didn’t know where it would take me.

And honest, it felt like I was burning a hole in the bottom of my barrel.

But then…

It exploded.

A friend asked me to help host conferences. I said yes, figuring it was a cool learning experience.

Suddenly, I was at the center of hundreds to thousands of people in early 2020, all eager to watch videos and connect with each other and learn and share their excitement.

Impact-makers reached out asking for advice and ideas.

During the second event, I decided to launch a community to keep bringing Catholics together. To give us a new home online, away from Facebook. Free of ads and toxicity, centered on kindness and learning, and supportive of the Holy Father Pope Francis.

I had no idea how ‘unique’ that was. And how many Catholics were hungry for it.

Since then, the reason I’ve seen growth every month after that, as opposed to all the months of silence before that….

Is because up till that point, I’d been trying to solve my problems first.

I kept seeing myself as the hero of my own story.

So I kept doing what everyone does:

  • build a beautiful website
  • post informational content
  • start a podcast to grow my reach
  • schedule discovery calls

And nothing happened. Crickets.

If it was all that easy, you wouldn’t still be reading. You’d have all the clients you needed.

The reason none of it works (at least without a metric ton of effort and grind) is because sharing information isn’t enough.

And trying to build your impact at the expense of others doesn’t work any more.

You and I are competing with a thousand posts crafted by AI to be way more interesting.

Swimming upstream alone in a flood is a losing battle. Which means few will ever hear you.

But when we work together, we can accelerate your reach faster than you imagined.

The world is becoming more and more connected every day. And as we spend more time at home, or on our devices, we need to rethink how we reach people.

And here’s the key. The one idea I hope you’ll remember from this whole page.

Catholics don’t want to see more options. They want to see less. They want less content. But… they want to see more from you.

Finding leaders and influencers to follow is a hard job.

But once we find someone we trust, we can relax and allow ourselves to learn – without second guessing everything.

That’s what we’re building with SmartCatholics. We’re growing a specific kind of audience, and you have the message and the materials that supports our common goals.

That’s why this Catholic Leaders Network is a game changer.

It’s the only group I know of that’s focused on helping Catholic creators get better at their craft.

  • And helping them figure out where they need to show up fastest.
  • And giving them an audience to immediately test their materials on.
  • And invite them to new opportunities like livestreams, online shows, and courses
  • And give them a space to meet regularly and share what they know
  • And schedule one-to-one time with me to figure out your own acceleration path

We’re not giving out free stuff for anyone and everyone.

We’re investing in each other.

We’re building the future of free, inspirational learning for Catholics worldwide. And it’s my way to give you the fastest chance possible to get your message in front of people.

We’re truly only scratching the surface of what’s possible.

Because there are a lot of Catholic businesses out there who have no idea how to do anything online.

And there are a lot of Catholics starved for insights and leadership and friendship… Catholics who are tired of being sidelined and ignored. Catholics in pain and confusion, who want to make a change for a better life.

And you hold a key that I can’t give.

A key that only you can provide.

You can transform someone’s life for the better.

You have insights, stories, experiences, and tools that can wipe away decades of pain. Give meaning and purpose to all the anger. Bring joy and hope and excitement to find a fresh way forward.

And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to be successful. Or use a hundred online tools to make it work. And burn through all your family time trying to build it.

Maybe a half hour day, is all you need.

And a group like this.

Because the opportunities that naturally appear when passionate people get together is priceless.

I’ve seen interviews and invites to conferences and work collaborations come out of 1 online group call!

So if just joining a group got you excited, you’re not going to believe these next gifts:

1) A livestreamed interview on SmartCatholics Mastermind, a show to introduce you to the community. If you’ve never recorded a video about yourself and your mission, that’s what this is for.

2) Monthly group calls between members to share recent wins and upcoming projects, ask for help, and brainstorm collaboration ideas

3) Community Builders: A monthly group call where members can share what’s working and what’s not in their groups, and how to take them to the next level.

4) Launch your group: completely free, start your group within the SmartCatholics community to corral and nurture conversations with Catholics. Get personalized help with the branding and copywriting to ensure your members get as excited as you are.

4) Launch Your Course: We’re building the free, Catholic Udemy for the world. Every Catholic everywhere should be able to enjoy and go deeper in their faith. Take your existing content, like a podcast, or a book, or series of videos, and turn them into a course. Your courses get discovered alongside others!

5) Get help charging for your group or your course, and keep everything. Keep 100% of your income. We don’t take fees.

6) Private access to Dominic and a growing team of Catholic digital marketers who have 1 goal in mind; helping you make the most of your impact, and even lighten your load.

Here’s how you can join the Catholic Leaders Network:

Up until now, the only way to grow your reach has been to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each month in advertising.

But with the group?

It’s free.



Because I’m paying it forward. I believe that when you’re successful, we’re all successful together.

I’m willing to take a chance on you, because you’ll be taking the same one on me.

And… I’m pretty confident about my stuff. I’m confident about the quality of collaboration and interest in this group.

You’ll get as much as you put in. That’s how it works. Put in the effort to meet your fellow impact-makers, to help them, and they’ll pay it back too.

How do I know?

Because that’s exactly what’s already happening every single month. And I’m blown away by it.

Join the Catholic Leaders Network today.

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