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Take your parish mission online

SmartCatholics helps Catholic parishes and groups run short, engaging, online missions. You request the speaker, and we handle all the setup and technology. All you need to do is share it with your parish. Most important, it’s affordable, and easy for everyone to enjoy.

When you need an online mission, community comes first.

SmartCatholics will provide everything you need for a dynamic online parish mission.


A beautiful website 


Speaker welcome video


Beautiful graphics for Facebook and email


Easy registration


Free ondemand replays


Mission posters and cards shipped to you


Bulletin announcements


A parish fair 


Everything done for you!

Taking your parish mission online doesn’t mean it should be less engaging. It should be more.

We have a simple plan to help bring you a speaker and additional resources for an engaging, 3 day event.

Like you, we believe that online events build community by forming strong catholics. Recorded talks are effective up to a point, but live interaction is always better.

During the pandemic people have felt confused, bewildered and isolated. The opportunity for an online parish mission can enstill a renewed sense of faith, prayer, and understanding. The advantage of an online event is the chance for more people to feel heard, and to have their questions answered.

We welcome your questions and suggestions, and hope you find this a helpful option for your next parish event. 

God bless,
Dominic & the SmartCatholics team


How it works

Once you book a speaker, they schedule 3 sessions, 1 per day.

  • Usually the first is the keynote, the main presentation.
  • The second day can be a practical session, full of advice and insights.
  • The third day is a live workshop with a Q&A.
  • Or it can be 3 talks given over 3 days. 

These sessions will be live, in real time, and we will provide an easy viewing platform to your parishioners. Afterward, the replays will be stored online for you to watch on demand. 

Running an online event means you can also include a Parish Fair and invite local businesses to join. Again, no extra complications apart from sending out an email invite.

If hosted on a weekend, we can include the link to your parish livestream for Holy Mass.

Download and Print the PDF


How to request a speaker

We have a network of great speakers, but you can request any speaker you like and we’ll reach out to them on your behalf.

Your wishlist

For availability reasons, we recommend sending us a wishlist of up to 3 speakers. If the first isn’t available for the date and time, we’ll invite the next one. 

Existing Conference Themes

If your event is using an existing SmartCatholics theme, you can select up to 5 additional videos from our collections to be shared free during your event. 

Your volunteer speakers

We also strongly recommend you suggest up to 3 volunteer speakers from your parish or community to provide additional 30 minute talks, and breakout sessions. This helps establish them as ongoing leaders in your community when the mission is over.

What we deliver for your mission

We handle all these items for you. You just send out the materials to your email list!

  • Marketing & design: We will write the content and create all the graphic design for your event.
  • A website page: We will build a page on this website for you to share with your community. Everything everyone needs will be on this page for registrations, signups, and details.
  • Promotional items: We design posters and promotional cards, and ship them to your parish office ahead of time. All you do is print them out, pin them up, and pass out the cards to spread the word.
  • Social graphics: Get simple graphics to use on Facebook and in your emails to promote the event.
  • Bulletin & announcement: Get a neatly scripted announcement that you can share with the parish, and we’ll work with you to format a block for your bulletin.
  • Speaker trailers: We will optionally work with speakers to create short, recorded video invites to be shared by email and Facebook.
  • Event software: We will handle the setup and delivery of the event and the parish fair.
  • Email registration: We handle all the onboarding and email follow ups with your parish.
  • Mission Cohost: So that speakers can focus on sharing the message, and not worrying about the technology, we provide a podcast host to keep conversations running smoothly.


How does the mission itself work?

We recommend a variety of ways to keep parishioners engaged. The format is something you’re already used to.

First, you will schedule a series of live talks with the speaker/s, along with optional workshops and live Q&A sessions.

We then provide a list of events that parishioners can browse, and easily add to their calendars.

Pre-recorded videos: if you selected talks from previous SmartCatholic events, or paid for speakers to send in pre-recorded talks, they will be included in the event for parishioners to watch at will.

Speaker booths: speakers will always have a booth for sharing more information and promoting their books, links, or coupons. They will be able to go live and chat with people. Like at an in-person event, people can enter and leave the booth when they want.

Parish fair: As a special addition, we recommend hosting a parish fair to connect people with local and Catholic businesses. The fair allows each business to pay for their own page and chance to go live, share a video, give away coupons or specials, chat with parishioners, and feature their logo.

Podcast host: As a way to keep the mission running smoothly, we always provide a Catholic podcaster to help speakers host their live sessions.

What happens after the event?

Once the event is over, we gather all the recordings from the live events, and the pre-recorded talks, and store them in a beautiful, on-demand library.

You will be able to invite parishioners to sign up for free to access the collection.

We partner with Parousia onDemand to host your videos at no additional cost to you or the parish.

How much does it cost?

A 3-day parish mission is usually $6000.

Includes: 1 speaker, 1 event host, the SmartCatholics team, all the marketing materials, and the online software fully handled. Most missions are provided free to a parish audience.

Normally, SmartCatholics asks for $7500. But we would never want funds to get in the way of a mission. We’ve opted to find creative ways to recoup our costs and keep missions affordable anywhere.

Fee Breakdown:

  • Speaker: $500 per day. This can be 3 talks across 3 days, or all on 1 day
  • Podcast host: $500 to cohost the event (unless you have a qualified, local volunteer)
  • SmartCatholics: $4000 for team, talent, and tech
  • Pre-recorded talks: $300: you can request additional talks from other speakers for replay during the event, and stored online afterward.

How we help your budget:

We recoup the remaining costs for our time and investment by hosting a parish fair, and making royalties from any sales on the video collection.

What am I expected to do?

Schedule a call with a SmartCatholics team member to discuss your mission, the speaker list, and the event format.

Draw up the budget and make payment, or ask us about our special event funding options. 

As we provide you with your mission materials, you are responsible for sharing them with the parish. 

Note: we do not do outreach on your behalf. We provide you with the materials and handle the event. You are responsible for bringing people to the event. 

We are absolutely ready to brainstorm and discuss with you ways to make your job easier, and how we can help.  

About SmartCatholics

We are a small team of passionate Catholics, finding creative ways to share the joy of the Gospel without waiting for large budgets or massive audiences. 


Faithful Catholics

We are passionate servants of the Church and Pope Francis’ vision for his papacy.


Professional Marketers

We’ve spent decades in the Catholic and secular world, building brands and growing business. 


Completely online

We handle everything for your mission, so all you have to do is share it. You bring the talent, we handle the tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we ask for donations?

Yes. We can promote your donation program to support your parish.

Who owns the event content?

All original recordings prepared for your mission event belong to you. 

You are able to take these recordings and store them where you wish after the event.

But, for no cost to you, we can host them online, and give your parish free access.

You are giving SmartCatholics a special licence to use the content without restriction.

Who ‘owns’ the event audience?

You own all names and emails that are gathered during the mission.

After the event is over, we can export the list of emails and send them to you. 

How available is the SmartCatholics team?

Very, over video chat (preferred!) or phone. Schedule a call at any time with Dominic, or a SmartCatholics team member.

How much work do I have to do?

You are responsible for defining the content with the speakers, the schedule, and promoting the event to your parishioners.

Is there a mission agreement?

Yes, please ask us for a sample copy and we’ll be happy to share it with you. It will not contain any additional details that aren’t already on this page.

Is there a PDF  I can print?

Yes, here is the full color version of this page that you can print and share.

Start your parish mission today

Hosting your parish mission online should be easy, beautiful, and professional for everyone. We handle setup, payments, marketing, and everything you need to be successful.

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