Volunteer and Join the Team

We live in the best time in history to connect people together. By building a platform that makes it easy for speakers to collaborate with their wisdom, Catholics everywhere can follow, support, and discover new voices. Eager to put your skills to good use? Looking to learn from Catholic marketers and get involved in helping make an impact? Send us a message today!

When Catholics thrive in our Faith, we experience greater joy and confidence in sharing the good news.

Our Key Characteristics:


Deeply Catholic

Part of the John Paul II generation of Catholics, it’s not just a pastime. It’s who we are. Faith and reason together.


Amazing Communicators

Excellent ability to write and communicate, either in person, or over video chat. Even better if great on camera!

Savvy Online

Knows how to use online tools, what works and what doesn’t with social networks, and how to grow human connections online.

Things we do every day:


Always communicate with a smile

Whether we’re working on a project, or having conversation online/in person, we are always friendly.

Look for opportunities

We encourage creativity and feedback, always open to new ideas to share the Faith and promote our speakers.

Make spiritual communions

Staying connected to the Divine Presence in the Blessed Eucharist is a constant. He is the vine, we are the branches.

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