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Yes, all the replays will be stored in a beautiful, on-demand library that you can watch any time.

Is there a community?

Yes, this event is happening within the SmartCatholics community. Get formation, feedback, answers, and new friends!

Say Yes to Holiness: Winter Summit

How can we be agents of healing and transformation in our world today?

This last year has seen levels of uncertainty, even violence, that hasn’t been seen for decades.

It is critical for Catholics to actively strive to become people filled with joy. Who actively share  hope, faith and love within our families, neighborhoods and workplaces.

Throughout this week-long summit, from January 18-22, watch the videos, participate in the live sessions, and pray with us daily together.

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The ‘Say Yes to Holiness’ Winter Summit


Welcome to the 'Say Yes to Holiness' Winter Summit!

Christina Semmens

Speakers & Videos

Are We Keeping the Paradox Alive?

Christina Semmens

Recovering from COVID-19: Spiritual Practices

Anne Kertz Kernion

7 Daily Choices

Dow R. Tippett

Transform the World by First Transforming Ourselves

Emily K. Whiting

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Blythe Kaufman

Healing Past Hurts & Forgiving Those Who Hurt You Paves the Road to Holiness

Penni Warner

The Action Within

Kathering Haghighi

Winning in the World of Comparison

Renee Vidor

Practical Ways to Say Yes to Holiness

Anne DeSantis

Pray More! And here’s How!

Monica McConkey

Stop, Look, and Listen

Mikki Sciba

Embracing God's Mercy

Carol Wiget

Be Healing by Being Who You Truly Are

Peggy O’Neal

Daily Jesus Time

Maureen Fleming

The Power of Relationships on Our Journey to Be Holy and Healthy

Lori Crock

Keep Christ in the Center

Terry Modica

Feed My Sheep: Making an Invitation to Belonging

Alex Kubik

The Simplicity of Open Hearts - Discernment Opens a Way Past Fear & Ideology to Healing and Christlike Love

Daniel McCormick

Embracing our Vocation as Laity To Bring Healing & Transformation

Joshua Miller

Speakers presenting live

“What do you want Me to do for you?” Mark 10:36

Susan Piper

God truly transformed me!

Brenden Flynn

UNHACKABLE: 3 Steps to Transform Your Brain and Your World

Kary Oberbrunner

You Can Heal Whatever You Can Feel

Jaclyn Wagner

Welcome Letter from Christina Semmens

What an honor and privilege it is to have you join us!

The first Say Yes Online Summit was held last May, early during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our hope was that the Summit would help people begin to find out how to live “their best selves.”

8 months later, some signs of hope about COVID are growing.

Several vaccines, more effective medical treatments, new ways to return to daily life…

Just as importantly, we see the resilience, courage and perseverance of people across the world.

But, there are also signs of the enormous mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual toll that this pandemic is taking upon us. It is impacting our families, churches, neighborhoods, nations, and the world.

This Summit focuses on sharing and discerning together an answer to a great challenge as followers of Christ:

How can we be agents of healing and transformation in our world today?

3 reasons why we need this seminar:

1. This seminar week also marks the celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity within the Roman Catholic Church.

The theme for this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is, “Abide in my love…you shall bear much fruit,” from John 15.

I can think of no better focus for each of us. We must find our own ways to root ourselves deeply in the love of Christ. Only then may we be filled with His grace and bear fruit, sharing that love and grace with everyone – especially those suffering around us.

2. It is a challenging time for our nation.

2020 has seen a level of unrest, hate, and even violence in our cities which we haven’t seen for decades. A contentious national election only added fuel to the fires. All we see is more discouragement and distrust.

It is critical for us to actively strive to become people who actively share joy. Who share hope, faith and love with our families, neighborhoods and workplaces.

3. It is a critical moment in our world.

Our world is uniquely challenged right now. Political upheavals, economic uncertainty, and natural disasters – plus a global pandemic.

How do we people of good will trust and obey God’s plan? How do we step up and step out in courage, towards becoming the holy men and women God has created each one of us to be?

This is what we discuss together during the week of this Summit.

Join us, and engage with newfound friends:

1) Watch and comment on the videos.
2) Be present for the LIVE Discussion Panels and Q&A sessions
3) Join fellow attendees in prayer for a daily Rosary and Chaplet.

Prayer is the best and fastest way to bring about unity, healing and transformation! If you have time for nothing else this week, come and pray!

A huge thank you to our speakers, who have shared time and talent with us; SmartCatholics, for hosting and running the techy stuff behind the scenes, our sponsors for spreading the word, and you, for joining us!

I look forward to meeting many of you during the Summit. If I can do anything for you, let me know.

For the greater glory of God!

Your sister in Christ,
Christina Semmens

Make a Gift

How we’re paying it forward!

Every time someone registers for free for this Winter Summit, a pair of shoes will be donated to a child in need.

When you buy your all-access Summit pass, you will be causing another E-Learning Hub to be provided within an Aboriginal Community.

– Christina

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