The new home for indie creators & speakers.

Modern  Catholic speakers, presenters, and creators are wildly passionate about spreading the Gospel. But you aren’t wired to do marketing. SmartCatholics works to solve your anxiety, help you build your audience, and share your message.

Stay connected

We’re building a social network so that you can build your audience. We bring the people, you bring the content.

Faithful Catholics

Modern speakers have renewed our insights to stay faithful to the Pope and Magisterium, and relevant to the world.

Online Action

Through conferences, talks, and your own activities, we’re helping Catholics build confidence and take action.

See the sneak peek of the upcoming Academy

Building a home for the ‘new voices’ in Catholic media.

You’re one of the speakers of tomorrow. And the Church today needs to hear your message. But there’s a problem. It’s incredibly hard to get noticed, and to get yourself out there. SmartCatholics is partnering with your efforts and content creation, so that people discover you – and want to work with you!

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A community where you bring leadership

The most exciting part of joining SmartCatholics is that we’re building a community of caring, committed people. We work hard to keep it free of ads, trolls, and toxicity.

Every time we run an online conference, it brings an influx of new people into the community.

And introduces them to you.

Collaboration among Catholics is powerful – especially when we can help each other make income – to grow our ministries.

We want you to have access to people. Stop hunting for them – we’ll bring them to you. Tap into the hundreds of attendees that sign up with each event. 

Get everything you need to sell online courses, webinars, recurring workshops, and membership groups.  Make income from Catholics all over the world.


Free ways we help you grow:

Get Your Personal Group

Your group is your corner of the SmartCatholics world.  Your group helps you share the excitement and passion you have for a specific mission.

It gives people special, one-to-one access with you. It’s your home.

Create quizzes, share posts, and schedule private events.

Host your own events

You can schedule free, private events with Zoom right inside your group, and ask for donations. Or charge for admission. We only ask for a 10% donation.

Webinars, workshops, or study groups, help small groups of people come together, build friendships, and learn. Then they become your ambassadors!

Speak at online conferences

Each month, we coordinate online conferences like ‘launch galas,’ to create bursts of attention between faithful Catholics and you, the speakers and creators.

You can participate live to host your own workshop, or send in a pre-recorded video. Either way, it’s how we help new people discover you.



Chat in realtime with your members. Offer support, boost sales and learn about what your customers want you to do next.

Open up a group-wide chat room to encourage community.

Beautiful Design

Branding and design is key to helping you stand out, inspire sales, and grow your ministry.

Dominic from SmartCatholics will personally step in and help you set up your group design, and create a group banner, group logo, and a promo graphic to help share the news.

Free mini courses

Promote your course by selecting your first three lessons (for example), and share them as a free mini-course.

Make the 4th lesson an invite to purchase your full course to unlock everything. Or, share a free course to help people learn about your services.

Not confident about running a group? (+ 5 models for your community)

If you’re like many speakers, you’ve tried creating groups in the past. Event groups, popup groups, communities. Perhaps on Facebook?

But they never really took off. And you’re not sure why.

You tried a bunch of things. Posts, shoutouts, videos. Perhaps contests. But no one really engaged or showed up.

So if you’re leery about starting another group, I can understand.

I think there’s 2 reasons to eliminate the struggle and help everyone start enjoying their time:

1) Clear Expectations

In creating a group, it must have a clear purpose. You need to lay out for people why they should join, and what they can expect. It can be as simple as a place for your group to comment on your posts once a week. Or you go live once a month for a friendly fireside chat.

Whatever it is – spell it out.

2) Intentional Growth

Starting small is important – it gives your founding members a chance to connect and thrive. More importantly, it lets you start to see who are the leaders in  your community who take initiative. Pay attention to them – they’re your super fans. They’re your key marketing assets. They will keep your group alive when you’re not around.

Continue promoting your group during your events and to your mailing list. Give people a place to come together to meet each other, and spend time with you.

3) Create a Schedule

Do not think that you need to go completely crazy creating daily content and challenges. You are not a cheerleader. You’re a ringleader.

That means you create a space for others to share insights, ideas, stories, and content. You’re managing them.

Create a schedule that’s manageable for you, like 1 post a week. It could be an update, a sneek peek, a video. Make a promise to people. Stick to it.

Start small.

Remember… you’re not alone now.

You’re not starting your group on a desert island. If you don’t show up for a couple of days, you’re not going to disenchant people.

Your group is in SmartCatholics, a bustling hive of conferences and other groups and events.

So if you’re just doing 1 thing a week, there is still plenty for your fans to get engaged in.

Remember. It’s all about setting clear expectations, making promises, and showing up.

You can do more as you start to see the rewards. Don’t go overboard.

Start small. Make magic.

5 Models for your Community

  1. Build a community together: give people a chance to be seen, heard, and accompanied along their journey. This is your way to connect with your fans, inspire them, and meet them where they are.
  2. Teach and educate: Share what you’ve learned as training, tutorials, online courses, and other ongoing educational content. Or simply share educational resources that you’ve benefited from.
  3. Exclusive Content Access: Create and share materials, content, workshops, and posts that only your fans can see.
  4. Extras: While you are creating plenty of content elsewhere, your community is where you share secret bonuses. It’s not ‘more’ or ‘better’ than what you’re already doing. You’re sharing more of your behind the scenes pieces.
  5. Premium Content: This is the goal of your freemium model. All the valuable free material you share is a taste of the deeper details you provide within your exclusive access.

Ready for more than the free plan? Here’s how we’re helping you replace Patreon.

This beta program is our way to help you replace Patreon, and do more with all the thousands of Smart Catholics around the world.

Once you have your public, private, or secret group, here’s how we help you do so much more with your content, creativity and connections.

We want you to create plenty of income – so that you’ll spend more time with us! That’s why we’re keeping our rates as low as possible. This way you keep as much as possible, and we can make income as well to support the entire system.

Create up to 5 groups, and charge any admission you wish:

Charging for admission is something you set up and handle outside SmartCatholics.

Your groups can be private (request access), or secret (invite only).

Our fee: $150 p/month

Replace Patreon

Let your most passionate fans support your work with a monthly membership.

Let your fans become active participants in your ministry by offering them a monthly membership.

You give them access to exclusive content, community, and insight into your creative process. That frees you up to do more with them, spend more time, and create a the stability you need to continue your passion in ministry.

Create a recurring income stream

Stop wasting money on advertizing and hoping for referral payouts. Create recurring income through monthly payments from your supporters.

Take back control

Create what you want and what your audience loves- by asking them! With your community at your back, follow where the Spirit blows and your own creativity calls!

Build a direct, meaningful connection with your audience

No ads, no trolls, no algorithms. Get direct access and one-to-one conversations with the people who matter the most to you. Your fans.

Ways to delight your fans

  • Exclusive: Early access, patron-only shows,
  • Shoutouts: Name in credits, collaborations, livestreams
  • Offers: Discounts, merch, loyalty gifts
  • Community: Group chats, polls, fan to fan connection, feedback

Details & Fees

You keep 100% of everything you sell outside of your group, such as workshops or products.

You set the fixed or subscription plans for your group. You can even create different groups to give people access to exclusive layers of content and community.

We recommend $10 and $25 as affordable tiers. Your courses can be whatever you like based on the value.

Talk to us about some good ideas, what’s practical, and how we can help!

Need help with your branding, marketing, and website?


I help wildly-passionate small brands stand out.

I partner with small business owners and creators to 1) share your message and 2) get yourself out there, so that 3) people want to work with you. Stand out, spellbind, and stay top of mind.

Visit my website DreamAgain to learn more about my services in branding, design, and strategy.

Branding and strategy to stand out

Websites and design to spellbind

Fanatical support that treats you like family

“Dominic provided our event with the professional and attractive look that greatly contributed to the massive turn-out of participants. It enabled us to network with some wonderful speakers who are equally passionate about the work of evangelization. We look forward to continue working with him in other projects in the future.”

Mann Rentoy, Executive Director of Center for the 4th & 5th Rs Asia

Are you too busy to think?

No time to update your website
Trying to do it all yourself
Don’t know what you’re doing
No one is buying or engaging
Your writing feels clunky and boring
You don’t look professional

Stand out with branding and strategy

Win hearts and move minds with clear, exciting marketing ideas.

Stay top of mind with graphic design

Stop doing it all yourself; I’ll edit, design, tweak, and get it perfect. Like magic.

Spellbind with websites and copywriting

Beautiful design and compelling content that humans enjoy.

Get fanatical support, and be treated like family

Live videochats, or next-day support so that you’re always up to date.

Ask me today how my 9 step program can help you

Your brand is the key to your success. But it’s more than your soapbox. It’s your spotlight. Together, we’ll help you meet the 3 phases of an exciting, human experience: Delight, Engage, Attract.

Phase 1: Delight

Branding, Messaging, & Roadmap

Month 1

Clarify your brand message from your buyer’s point of view. Lead with what matters, what makes you stand out.

New Starter Website

Month 2

Create or rebuild your existing website, up to 3-5 pages. You provide the content and images, I bring the editing and premier design.

Social Branding & Graphics

Month 3

Clarify a strategy for your social profiles, and get a pack of perfectly branded graphics.

Phase 2: Engage

Marketing Materials

Month 4

Update your business cards, flyers, and trifolds. Or create them so that you can connect with people offline. Set up or clean up your email newsletter. 

Build Testimonials

Month 5

Request testimonials from past and existing clients. Add them to your website to improve credibility. Or build a program for fans to create with you.

Enrich Your Content

Month 3

Pick 3 of your top blog posts to update, edit, improve and enrich. I convert them into micro-content that you can share; graphics, audio snippets, slides.

Phase 3: Attract

Create a Talk Trigger

Month 7

Review progress to date, and explore a talk-trigger for your brand to improve free referrals. Audit your testimonials for feedback, and make updates.

Fan Story Showcase

Month 5

Inviting top-testimonial clients and fans to share their stories and experiences with you for a new content series. Highlight them for free referrals.

Super Fans

Month 9

Create a space for your top fans to access you (coaching, private group), or to each other (Slack channel, regular video calls.) Build your community.

Let’s connect to talk about your brand.

Schedule 15 minutes over video chat to discuss your needs, and how I can serve you.

We can talk about your free group, or the 9-part program. It can be mixed and matched depending on your needs.

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