Welcome! You’re invited to join me for a live interview. Mastermind is a series to meet the minds and hearts of Catholic speakers, hosts, and creators. You’re mastering your message so that Catholics can live a fuller life faster.

The interview will be posted to YouTube, and shared with our email list of 15,000+ Catholics worldwide.

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Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  1. A story about yourself that sums up your personality, an origin story for yourself that has defined your life, or a moment when you had to change.
  2. What is the idea for your ministry: your charism and contribution.
  3. How can people find you
  4. Lastly, what is your 1 minute message to the world.

Questions? Send me an email at dominic@smartcatholics.com anytime!

This series is part of our free, Catholic impact accelerator program, a way to help Catholic speakers and startups grow their impact.