SmartCatholics Mastermind

A pre-recorded, video show. 15 minutes. Shared with 10,000 Catholics. Introducing Catholic creators and leaders to our community!

Hosted by Dominic, SmartCatholics’ founder.

About the show

Each interview is intentionally short, around 15 minutes. It’s like a radio spot, where we meet you, discuss your ministry, and promote your website.

Most of our audience are pro-Francis, largely ‘centrist,’ faithful Catholics adults. We’re tired of division in the Church and online, and looking for renewal and hope. 

Since launching in 2021, we’ve interviewed 30+ Catholic speakers and thought leaders. See recent episodes 

About your host

Dominic de Souza is a cradle Catholic and world traveler, deeply committed to a renewal of our hope and resources for modern Catholics. He has worked in marketing and brand design for 10+ years, and believes that a rising tide raises all ships. SmartCatholics is his way to support the Holy Father, bring Catholic ministries together, and build an intentional community to spearhead a renewal of catechesis.

Past Guests

Some of our most popular past guests have been

  • Paul Fahey, Pedro Gabriel, and Mike Lewis from Where Peter Is
  • Dr Paul DeClue and Fr Blake Britton from Word on Fire
  • Benjamin Wolaver,
  • Jonna Shuster from Catholic Revival Ministries

Promoting your interview

The interview will be posted in the SmartCatholics community of 4500+ members. It will be shared in our weekly email to of 10,000+ people worldwide, and re-promoted up to 3 times per month.

It will be posted on our Facebook page, and our Instagram. We will also send you the link to the YouTube video, and the promotional graphic for your own promotions.

Show notes will include links to your website, and any resources referenced in the conversation.

About SmartCatholics

SmartCatholics is one of the fastest-growing communities to support Pope Francis, help Catholics regroup, and create resources to renew our hope. Free of trolls, ads, and toxicity, we’re building the home for free, online, Catholic courses for the world. About SmartCatholics | The Community

Conversation Format:

  1. Open with a story about yourself that sums up your personality, an origin story for yourself that has defined your life, or a moment when you had to change.
  2. What is the idea for your ministry: your charism and contribution.
  3. How can people find you
  4. Lastly, what is your 1 minute message to the world.

All we need is a high quality photo of you, and we create all the graphics and promo materials.


Send me an email at anytime!

This series is part of our free, Catholic leaders network, a way to help Catholic speakers and startups grow their impact.

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